Monday, August 07, 2006

How do you know if you had a good weekend? Just ask the Detroit Tigers

A good weekend? Could it have been any better? For example...

Last at-bat wins are commonplace.

Rally gum actually works.

Justin Verlander's start was skipped, and no one panicked.

Your #7 starter, Wil Ledezma, pitches 5 2/3 shutout innings in Verlander's place.

The Gamber pitched like an All-Star, rather than the Roaster.

David Ortiz, meet Craig Monroe. Just as Ortiz has, Monroe wins 2 games with clutch at-bats.

Todd Jones is the league leader in saves. Todd Jones, the anti-christ, now has fewer blown saves than Jonathan Papelbon.

Your closest pursuer has a winning road trip, yet loses ground in the standings.

Jeremy Bonderman has his worst start in weeks, and you win anyway.

The Mini-coaster, Fernando Rodney, didn't walk anyone in a pressure situation.

Joel Zumaya was Joel Zumaya.

Jamie Walker was Joel Zumaya. Striking out Travis Hafner with the bases juiced?

Brent Cleven is still hitting over .600.

You uneventfully sign your #1 draft pick, Andrew Miller, the consensus #1 college player in the country, who was passed over by 5 teams because he was considered unsignable. Even better, Miller is going to be in the bullpen for the playoff stretch run.

Fans talk about the playoffs being invitable, rather than a pipedream.

It's official. Up is down. White is black. Circle beats the square. Cats and dogs are living together. Todd Jones has become lights out. And the Detroit Tigers still have the best record in baseball. I'm past the point of bemusement when it comes to this team. To say this season is amazing is an understatement.

What more can you say about a Detroit Tigers team that has 2 consequtive last at-bat wins, and then wins a 1-0 pitchers duel? Need to win with the bats? No problem, they find a way to outscore the other team. Bats get shut down? Pitching picks them up. Starters have a bad night? Bullpen to the rescue. Need a game winning hit? Craig Monroe to the rescue.

I was hoping beyond hope hat the Tigers would have a .500 season. Now? I'm pissed if they lose a game. Will wonders ever cease? At this point, I doubt it.

So as I said, the Tigers had a pretty good weekend...

As for bad weekends? Just ask this poor soul about his...

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  1. Great photo of Eric Wedge.

    I wonder if there's a photo somewhere of Fausto Carmona taped up and left in a corner somewhere in the clubhouse?

    And many drinks raised in honor of Jamie Walker! Two years ago, I would've turned off the TV if he'd faced Travis Hafner and Victor Martinez in that situation. It would've been too painful to watch.

    Everyone's getting it done. There really is a different hero for every game. And I'm starting to believe in words like "magic."

  2. well said. I am officially beyond the point of trying to understand how or why, but I'm just enjoying the ride. And you are right about being pissed if they lose a game, which is insane. They are actually on pace for 109.5 wins on the season and only need to go 25-26 the rest of the way to win 100 games.

    Did I mention that their worst month of the year was July when they went 15-10 for a .600 winning percentage? As of this second, the Yankees are the only other team in the league with a winning percentage above .600 on the year. Yep, they can play their worst ball of the year and keep pulling away from the league.