Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tiger fans have to realize that the future is now!

When it comes to Alfonso Soriano, the plot continues to thicken. The Worlwide Leader says the Black Sox are on the verge of picking up the most in demand DC'er since Washingtonienne. The fact that the trade has been "On the verge" for going on 36 hours now brings up some questions.

Why are the White Sox going after a bat? Considering their pitching as of late has been as effective as George Bush's Middle East policy, why the need for another power stick? Is it due to the dearth of available arms? Are they genuinely interested in adding another bat to an already potent lineup? Or, as it's beginning to appear, are the Sox playing the center square to block in order to keep the Tigers from adressing a need?

I've been railing since early June wanting the Tigers to pick up a big ass bat. It's become about the Tigers doing whatever it takes to assure a playoff berth, and having a team capable of making noise in the postseason. I don't want to see the Tigers going into a stretch run depending on a reforming alcoholic-drug abuser-woman beater, slumping Chris Shelton, and a Marcus Thames who suddenly realizes he not supposed to be this good. Soriano, or an Abreu for that matter, may just be the key to the postseason.

Those of you that think the Tigers should stand pat because they are afraid of losing prospects in a trade, prospects who might become good players, need to know a couple of things. Just as there are no guarantees about how good a prospect may ot may not be, there are no guarantees that you'll compete at the same level again next season. Just ask the Cleveland Indians. What's the other thing? THE GODDAMN FUTURE IS NOW!

Of course you don't want to give up the farm to aquire a rent-a-player (Soriano) or one with baggage and a contract to match (Abreu). But you don't want to be so conservative that you piss away a legitimate shot at getting to the World Series this season. Considering they have the 2nd biggest division lead in all of baseball, the Tigers have a more than legitimate shot. It would be a shame to not make every effort fo take advantage of their status. That means exhausting every avenue with a goal of improving the team for an August and September pennant run.

Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers have to do what needs to be done, hopefully by July 31st. Be it aquiring an impact position player, starting pitcher, or bullpen help, you can't live in fear of making a bad trade. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Screw the memory of the John Smoltz trade, it's time to move on! Counter the ChiSox lame attempt at a cock block. Close the door on the Sox and the Twins. Get Soriano, or another player capable of making a major impact. Go for it. Win now!


  1. Even more timely considering the last four games have given me a really bad feeling all of the sudden. I don't know if it is 19 years of abuse, but watching the Tigers blow that lead Saturday against Oakland and then more or less get shelled two straight nights in Cleveland has me freaking out more than is probably called for.

    *It's just a blip, it's just a blip*

  2. (Washingtonienne? The FSM? More evidence that you should leave the house more, ha.)

    I wonder if the Tigers will be less desperate for ad money next year. The back cover whole page ad on this year's Tiger yearbook is for Veet. The Yankees would never have a Veet ad.

  3. I'm better now. Thank heavens for Justin Verlander. The hell with Rookie of the Year. Kid's my Cy Young vote.

  4. They've played 100 ballgames at a .670 clip. Their lead is growing, almost by the day. I'd say they're just fine the way they are.