Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why Detroit sports talk radio blows: Reason #105

On WXYT this afternoon, Drew Sharp and Art Regner are discussing baseball despite their complete and utter lack of knowledge of the subject. What would make me say that? Read on...

Art wants another pitcher for the Tigers rotation. Why? Because Sharp says so, and that he has a bad feeling about the Tigers staff. Methinks he has indigestion, instead.

Using his infinite lack of wisdom, Sharp throws out 2 names the Tigers should look into. The Tigers need, in Sharp's dull words, "A number 3 starter they could get for a player to be named later." Whom did Sharp say are the solutions to their non-existent pitching issues?

The Pirates' Kip Wells, he of the 0-5 record with an 8.28 ERA, and the Phillies' Jon Leiber, whom in comparison is an absolute stud with a 3-7 W-L record with a sterling 5.55 ERA. They are number 3 starters? These jokers wouldn't start for the 2003 Tigers! You think there is a reason you could get either of these stiffs for a player to be named later sack of used batting gloves?

It's one thing to say more pitching is needed. Hells bells, EVERYONE wants pitching. But it's another to actually get GOOD pitching at the trade deadline. Wells and Leiber are NOT what the Tigers need.

I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster I lost a good 10 IQ points listening to their converstaion.


  1. The Tigers have better options in the minors then anyone like those two jokers.

  2. "Caputo"7/25/2006 8:42 PM

    Hey, you don't start out talking to me like that, okay?

    I've covered baseball for 83 years, so I know what I'm talking about, okay?

    Oh, you were talking about Drew Sharp and Art Regner? Well, then carry on, my friend.

    Besides, anybody who knows baseball, like I do, since I've worked the Tigers beat since Tiger Stadium was built, knows that the Tigers should seriously consider some bullpen help. 'Cuz Fernando Rodney is looking kinda scary, my friend. And the Tigers can bring up a better minor-leaguer than Boodini was suggesting, which was asinine.

    Hey, have you heard me rap?