Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Caputo" responds...

I just had to move to the front page these comments regarding my post about the limitless stupidity of Wobb Parker. A commenter named "Caputo" feels he was wronged by my Wobb Parker smokes crack with ink stained wretches snark, and felt the need to respond. I suggest reading these with a smug sense of self-righteousness, and Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" playing in the background...

"Caputo" said...

Hey, you don't start off lumping me in with Rob Parker, okay?

I've covered baseball in this town for 73 years, except for the years I was a beat writer for the Lions, okay?

There is nothing Rob Parker about me! Nothing!

Anybody with a decent pair of bifocals could see that the American League is better than the National League. Interleague play, All-Star Games, and World Series all back that up, okay?

And I look like Vince Vaughn!


"Caputo" said...

Man, you just really hurt my feelings. And I'm a sensitive guy, okay?

Hey, you don't come in here and start talking about me smoking crack, okay? ,

Crack is cheap, okay? I make too much money from my blog at the Oakland Press and "The Book on Sports" (heard some nights on 'XYT the Sports Station) to ever smoke crack, my friend.

Did I mention I look like Howie Long?

Absolutely hysterical... Well played, "Caputo."

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