Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mike Martz hearts Joey Blue Skies

Yeah, I know, more Lions. But...This may have been the most encouraging thing I've read about the Lions all offseason. Mike Martz wants to exorcise Joey Harrington's bad karma and start from scratch.

Mike Martz: "We don't audible, not at all. I just want him (Joey) to focus on playing quarterback and not worry about audibles and not worry about protections or where the receivers are. That'll all get resolved, that's my job. I just want him to focus on taking the talent that he has and detailing everything, making sure he understands exactly what to do on every play.".

"He has more talent that I remember him having."

"We're going to strip it down and start all over, from his stance under center. The whole thing,"

If this vote of confidence from Martz is more than just gilding the lilly, could Joey turn things around? We are all aware of Martz's track record, as he's not afraid to remind us... As much as I'd like to see the Lions make a run at Drew Brees, and being 9 million under the cap, they can, the idea of taking that cap space and significantly improving 2-3 other positions is a much sounder way of building a winner.

Right now we are still in the honeymoon phase with Martz. He's saying all the right things, words we fans have been dying to hear, those being, "Joey is good." But is he saying what he truly believes? Is Martz, and Marinelli, for that matter, just slinging the positive BS, just in case their QB search comes up craps? Or do they truly think Harrington is salvagable?

You would think that Martz would love to work his offensive alchemy with a proven man under center, say, a Drew Brees? Is this ongoing Joey lovefest a sign of the typical Martz hubris, thinking he can take any sow's ear and make a silk purse? I can picture Martz telling Matt Millen, "Warner was nothing, absolutely nothing, till I molded him into my perfect QB! Who ever heard of Marc Bulger till I laid my hands upon him! I can do the same with Harrington!" That's a definite possibility, and a big concern.

Considering his track record though, if Martz sees something, anything, in Joey, you want, if not have to, believe him.

I've ragged on Harrington endlessly in this blog. Earlier this week, I called him "The thing that wouldn't leave." And I meant every word of it. But there are so many mitigating factors when it comes to Mr. Blue Skies right now, I'm biting my lip, holding my tounge, and saying that the Lions should keep Joey under center. One more damn year.

Of course another QB is needed. Desperately. That other QB would be Drew Brees in a perfect world that is all happiness and light. Pats and Steelers fans live in that wonderful place, but we don't live in that world. This is the Lions. In the real world, I'd love to see Josh McCown.

But for the time being, Joey is my man. May I live to NOT regret those words...


  1. I still a little scarred by the ridiculous contracts given to Scott Mitchell (twice!!!) and Charlie Batch to properly salivate over what it would take to put Drew Brees in Honolulu blue.

    Not only that, but I'm convinced if the Lions had traded for Brett Favre in 1991 he probably would have tore his ACL in his second start and never played again, so even if we got Brees for ten cents on the dollar, I'm not so sure I could be excited.

    (Do I sound like a guy who begrudgingly just mailed in his $200 stupidity tax/season ticket deposit to the Lions or what?)

  2. Great minds think alike! I wrote about this, too -- but with the emphasis on a single word Martz uttered: "None."

    Good stuff, Al -- as usual!


  3. Martz is going to do it, I believe it! He will make Joey the quarterback alot of us thought he might me.

  4. Brian, I feel your monetary pain! But with new blood, how could you not take a leap of faith and buy for another season? You'd be kicking yourself if they turn things around and you didn't re-up. I had friends that actually had Wings season tix. They got all high and mighty after the mid-90's lockout and let their 4 tix laspe. They've regretted that decision ever sense.

    Eno, thanks! I read you Lions post, and you take the level headed approach in comparison to my massive amounts of snark... I've been staying away from talking Tigers (other than extensive Dmitiri Young is big boned coverage) as I've been enjoying your thoughts on the Bengals.

    LSG, I hope to GOD you're right...