Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Zeke, oh my!

We at The Wayne Fontes Experience wanted to comment on a few subjects that don't rate a full blown post of their own. A little Bill O'Reily style bloviating follows...

The Lions finally decided to slap the franchise tag on Jeff Backus. Backus can't be happy, but for the Lions, this was pretty much a no-brainer. Franchsing Backus will keep him with the Lions for at least another year. Could the Leos do better than Backus? Maybe, but the odds are the Lions would spend more and get someone with a lesser skill set than Backus. His situation is very similar to Joey Harrington's. I'm sure Matt Millen is thinking that it's not a strong free agent class, so let's just stick with what we have for the time being. Better the devil you know, that the one you don't, so to speak. It's hard enough to find capable left tackles as it is, so you do not let them walk without a replacement in hand. Backus may not be a pro bowl talent, but he a solid tackle who never misses a game. The Lions have other positions that require more immeadiate attention via draft and free agency. This move allows them to do so.

Dmitri Young has slimmed down from "Beefcakely Obese" to "Big Boned," and word is the Tigers plan on playing Dmeat at 1st, 3rd, left, and where he should always be when in the lineup, DH. My opinion? When it comes to Dmeat and glove leather, never the twain shall meet. One of these years you'd think the Tigers would realize they aren't playing softball, so you don't need three first basemen / DH's on your opening day roster. Between Dmitri Young, Carlos Peña, and Chris Shelton, the Tigers have two too many, and need to unload at least one. Shelton you don't touch. Young has a bad contract, so you wait till the trade deadline to ditch him when a contender is looking for a heavyweight...bat. So, it's been nice Carlos Peña, but you've teased me with your inconsistent power long enough. It's time for you go. Now.

The Pistons were quiet at the trade deadline, Joe Dumars plans to ride the season out with Lindsey Hunter and Alex Acker as the reserves at point guard. You know my feelings on this issue. As Mr. Horse liked to say, "No sir, I don't like it." But I'll learn to live with it. When I see Billups playing at the end of games when the outcome is no longer in doubt, which has been happening often, I question Dumars' wisdom. They need to get Hunter in a semblance of playing shape and available for 10-12 minutes a game, pronto! I hope we never have to see Acker, other than in garbage time. If he's getting more than 5 minutes a game, there's a major problem. At this point I'll just say, "In Joe I trust."

Speaking of former Pistons guards, at this time I'd like to thank the basketball Gods for not allowing me to become a Knicks fan. It's become painfully obvious that Isiah Thomas is certifiably insane. After the "Stevie Franchise" trade, I don't think anything more needs to be said about Zeke. I never thought I'd feel sorry for Spike Lee and Knick fans in general, but no one deserves the front office genius of Isiah Thomas. As for feeling sorry for Larry Brown? Nah... Suitcase Larry should have taken heed of the old platitude, "Be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it." Boy, did Brown get it.

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  1. I always thank my lucky stars that Bill Davidson's loyalties were to Dumars and not Zeke. We are very fortunate Piston fans!