Thursday, February 16, 2006

The "Nattering Nabob of Negativity" gives his final thoughts on the "Darko Situation"

It's official. As expected, Darko and Carlos Arroyo are headed to Orlando. But here's the kicker... The Pistons get Kelvin Cato and his expiring 8.5 million dollar contract along with a number one pick. As we were all told to expect. Unfortunately, and what gives me pause, it's a lottery protected 2007 pick. The Pistons only get the pick in 2007 if it's below five, and it's unprotected in 2008.

I may have to mull this over a few times before I give the trade a yay or nay. Honestly, it depends upon what Joe Dumars does next. We all know that he knows that backcourt depth is needed.

Despite being called a "Nattering Nabob of Negativity" by the ghost of Spiro Agnew in the comments to my last rant, I think I'm not the only one who feels this way about the "Darko Situation." Ian over at Sweaty Men Endeavors is your one stop shop for all things Darko when it comes to reactions from the media and netizens.

So to fully close this chapter, I feel it's time to do a little pro and con excercise...

Pro: The Pistons get a first round pick.
Con: The pick is not this year, as said in early reports. It's a protected pick next season, and not totally free till 2008.

Pro: Much needed salary cap space has been created to allow the Pistons to resign Ben Wallace.
Con: Joe Dumars is rolling the dice. In locking up the starting five long term, he expects them to continue to be productive well into their 30's. Not that it won't happen, but there are no guarantees either. We all saw what happened when the "Bad Boys" Pistons team grew old.

Pro: The moves free up space for extending Chauncy Billups' contract as well.
Con: Again, there are no guarantees that Billups will stay, especially if he hits the open market in 2007. Billups has been playing this year like a guard that deserves a max contract. The Pistons have been loathe to give anyone the max. It'll be interesting to see what Wallace and Billups demand. Considering they both would be the cream of their respective free agent crops, their demands will be considerable.

Pro: The Pistons get an experienced big man in Kelvin Cato.
Con: He's going to be cut before he ever gets to Auburn Hills.

Pro: Arroyo was not the best solution as the backup at point guard. Inconsistency was his middle name.
Con: The backup is now Lindsey Hunter, who's approximately 57 years old.

Pro: Joe Dumars knew when to cut bait with Darko and managed to get something of value in return.
Con: Wasting the number two pick in an absolutely loaded draft is an unforgivable offense. Odds are the pick received from Orlando will not be nearly as high and in a less talented draft. Dumars should thank his lucky stars that he has, deseveredly, built up an amzing ammount of goodwill with the media and fans. In other circles, the call for the GM to be drawn and quartered would be heard far and wide. Just ask Matt Millen...

Pro: The trade did not touch the core players on a championship level team.
Con: The trade reduces the bench depth on a championship level team that many feel is playing the core too many minutes.

Pro: Pistons fans no longer have to defend the Darko pick.
Con: Admit it... In the back of our minds, we all still, and will for the foreseeable future, contemplate the "What ifs." "What if the Pistons had drafted Wade, Anthony, or Bosh, how much better would they be?"

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