Friday, February 24, 2006

Rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated...

I'm sure you've been pondering, as most of us have, this most important question. "Is Abe Vigoda still alive?"

Yes, Abe Vigoda is alive and kicking...and it's his birthday! The Wayne Fontes Experience wishes a happy 85th to Detective Fish!


  1. Heard that on WWJ myself this morning. Nothing like Jon Donovan wishing Abe Vigoda a happy birthday to put a hop in my step.

    Dude was in the Godfather fer Christsakes and he still has people calling him "Det. Fish". That's the power of TV for you.

  2. Thing is Brian, how many people would get "Happy Birthday Sal Tessio!?" Unfortunately, there would be more than a few that would say, "Huh? Who?"

    For better or for worse, Abe's going to be known for all eternity as "Fish." There could be worse things...

  3. What's the status on Fyvush Finkle?

  4. I wasn't dogging on you, Al. Joe Donovan called him "Det. Fish" too. Just think it's hilarious that he was a big component of arguably the greatest movie of all time and he'll be remembered for his role on a goofy TV show.

    "There could be worse things."

    Yeah, he could be dead.

    (Is Hal Linden still alive?)