Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sometimes what you say on a message board actually shows lucidity

Sometimes what you post on a message board actually makes a halfway decent blog post, especially when you consider I'm still trying to get a feel for what I'm trying to do here at "The Wayne Fontes Experience."

Kevin Smith movies seem to polarize people. Some say his films are sophmoric, others think that he speaks for a generation. Critics are of the thought that he's never progressed beyond fart and drug jokes, others think that he's a damn funny screenwriter who has a way with dialog, much like Tarantino. (Another polarizing director, but I digress.) The fanboys say that "You just don't get it." Those that don't care for him come back with, "What's to get? He peaked with Clerks, it's been downhill since. And what's with the Ben Affleck man crush?"

Put me in the pro Kevin Smith crowd, but I do wonder about the constant use of Ben Affleck. So here's my thoughts regarding the upcoming Kevin Smith flick "Clerks II" that I put entirely too much effort into for a sports message board...

I'm another that's looking forward to "Clerks II." I never got all the Kevin Smith backlash. Clerks is amazing, especially considering it cost pennies to make. Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma aren't perfect, but they are very enjoyable films that have moments of absolute inspiration. Jersey Girl is not nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be, give Smith some credit for stretching as a filmmaker. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back was a mistake, a film he made for the fanboys and to give Jason Mewes a big payday. But it had hot chicks in latex catsuits, so it wasn't all bad...

Is Smith a great director? Not in the Scorcese sense. But he's not a talentless hack like a Michael Bay either. Bay needs focus groups, 15 screenwriters, huge amounts of CGI, and big stars to make a movie and he still ends up with a 100 million dollar plus craptacular.

Smith makes small, dialog driven, funny films that reflect his personal point of view. I wish more producers and directors did the same.

Sometimes I have startling moments of lucidity, too bad it's usually in the Swamp.

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