Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Senior Citizens Bowl

Just a few quick observations on last nights Orange Bowl. (I refuse to add Fed Ex...)

Did Bobby Bowden know there was a game going on? I seriously think that he thought he was at some big ass outdoor party. He spends more time socializing than watching the action. You could tell on the PSU missed field goals that he thought they were good. You could actually see one of the troopers next to him say, "No good, it was no good." Look up "Figurehead" in the Wikipedia (See, I'm hep to the kids and their internets) and you'll see a picture of Bowden.

Joe Paterno stomps around like the pissed off old guy that yells at the neighborhood kids to "Git off my lawn, dag gummit!" But at least JoePa realized that he needed to change his coaching philosophies and become more aggressive. A spread offense? A challenging, blitzing defense that doesn't play soft zone? Llllloyd Carr, were you watching? Maybe learn a little something? I doubt it, but as a Michigan fan, one can only hope. That's all we have at this point...

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