Saturday, January 14, 2006

Do the ink stained wretches have a clue?

OK, give me a second to work up some rightous indignation.....

I hate, and I mean HATE, having to defend the Detroit Lions. But in another of Drew Sharp's brilliant columns (Sense the dripping sarcasm?), he takes the Lions to task for taking too long in naming a head coach. I didn't know it was that easy for the local media to talk out of both sides of their mouth.

In the papers, on sports talk radio, from TV talking heads, on the web, in every damn corner of Southeast Michigan, all we've heard is that Matt Millen needs to take his time and do his due dilligence in finding his next sacrifical lamb head coach. Supposedly this is the most important local hire in recent memory. Millen needs to hit a home run (Mixed metaphor (or is it a simile?), I know) to save his job, the future of the Lions, and all Lions fans sanity... Now the rumblings have begun that the ink stained wretches want the Lions to pick a coach post haste? What the fuck?

What Sharp is suggesting comes off as a panic move. (Not that he hasn't done that before) I have no issue with the interview process up to this point. It's not as if any of the openings that have been filled were taken by anyone on the Lions radar. The national talking heads have only mentioned 1 open job is on the verge of being filled, Gary Kubiak to the Texans. Supposedly Jim Haslett is high on the Lions list, and also on the Bills'. Losing Haslett to Buffalo would not break my heart, in all honesty. He has "Retread" written all over him. It really comes down to this. If the process ends when the Steelers get eliminated (See the last post for my extra super special playoff picks) it was obvious that Russ Grimm was his choice all along. If not Grimm, I want Millen to make the right pick, whomever that may be in his addled bell-rung-one-too-many-times mind. (That's asking a lot, I know) If that means it takes another week, so be it. Hell, if it takes till after the Super Bowl, fine by me. Just don't hire someone because you are afraid the next guy may move faster...

That being said, who Millen ends up hiring I make take issue with. But that's another post that will require me to whip up even more rightous indigation.

And before I forget...FIRE MILLEN! As if we would be so lucky...

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