Friday, January 13, 2006

Quick playoff picks. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only...

Carolina over Chicago - Rex Grossman is the Bears QB saviour? Come on... As good as the Bear defense is, you still got to score occasionally. Carolina wins this game easy. If we learned one thing last weekend, it's that steady QB play wins. So...Jake Delahomme >>>>>> Rex Grossman.

Indianapolis over Pittsburgh - I want to see Indy play NE, they'll win big. Pittsburgh has had a nice run, but no way they keep up with the Colts. As for the betting on the better QB, Peyton Manning >>>>>>>>> Ben Rothlisberger

New England over Denver - You know that Jake Plummer is going to screw the pooch, somehow, someway. As Bill Simmons says on, "Never bet against Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck." Again, look at the QB's, Brady >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Plummer

Washington over Seattle - Seattle is all smoke and mirrors and I just don't think Matt Hasselbeck is the real deal. He's folded in pressure situations before. Not that Mark Brunell is any great shakes, but Joe Gibbs trumps all.


  1. Am I your first commenter? Awesome.

    (By the way, my Dad sees Wayne Fontes from time to time down in Florida. They live in the same town basically.)

  2. First commenter? Hell Brian, you're my first visitor! I just made my corner of the web public last night. I appreciate your taking to time to take a look see...