Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dick Jauron, meet George Wilson

In a stunning development of particular interest to Lions fans, a former Detroit head coach gets a new lease on life. Word out of Buffalo is that Dick Jauron will accept the Bills head coach position this week.

I'm absolutely flabbergasted. Not that Jauron got the job, as he's deserving enough, if you factor in what he did in Chicago. It's that fact the streak has ended. A long time curse is over. The last Lions head coach to get another shot at a NFL head coaching position was George Wilson. He left Detroit in disgust back in 1964 and took over the expansion Dolphins in 1966. The former Lions head coaching well has been dry ever since. Till now, that is...

So in memoriam of the curse, here's to those former Lions head coaches who never got an opportunity to rehabilitate their reputations.

Harry (At least they didn't have rocks in them) Gilmer
Joe (It beats waiting to get the ziggy) Schmidt
Don (R.I.P.) McCafferty
Rick (He happened to be in the office) Forzano
Tommy (Who?) Hudspeth (Credit and kudos to Greg Eno)
Monte (See you at the cemetery) Clark
Darryl (Do you know what it takes to get fired around here?) Rogers
Wayne (Whaddya mean I'm fired?) Fontes
Bobby (I don't coach that! I'm a good coach!) Ross
Gary (Dead man walking) Moeller
Marty (The bar is high!) Mornhinweg
Steve (It's Joey's fault) Mariucci

Gentlemen, The Wayne Fontes Experience salutes you.


  1. Sniff. Our boy's all growns up. He's growns up and he's growns up and he's growns up.

    (I'll accept the end of the curse on a technicality, but it won't officially be over until some jackass hires Mariucci next year.)

  2. Al...

    FYI, Wilson took over the Dolphins when they were still in the AFL. So Jauron might be a groundbreaker, after all, if you consider an interim coach the same as a "real" coach!

    BTW, thanks for the Hudspeth credit.