Monday, January 23, 2006

5 quick opinions that no one asked to hear

I roll out of bed this morning and I hear that Kobe Bryant goes for 81 points. 81? Four score and 1? Eighty freakin' one? I think the Zen Master hates to lose as much as anyone. He finally realizes that the only way the Lakers win is if Kobe channels a 25 year old Allen Iverson and jacks up the ball without conscience. Then again, not even AI was that cold blooded... When you seriously think about it, odds are Kobe will have more nights like that this season. I do think the "Kobe for MVP" talk is just a tad premature. Let's not get carried away, the Lakers are still just a .500 team.

The NFC/AFC confrence finals? Bah. Just bah. If there was one plus on the weekend, it was that there was no Tony Siragusa waddling along the sidelines doing his poor man's John Madden schtick. Small favors, you know?

The Pistons continue to roll. What more can you say about them? If you're on pace for 71 wins, I'm not going to say a damn thing, other than bravo! I do think the 35-5 comparisons (If the Pistons pull it off) to the Tigers are like talking apples and oranges. Both are nifty, but two different things, and doesn't really mean anything.

The "Furriners" are invading NASCAR. Toyota will move up from Craftsman Trucks and field teams in Busch and Nextel Cup series as of 2007. Despite the jingoism you might hear from the good ole' boy old guard fans, NASCAR is thrilled. Toyota will spend serious coin, and I mean SERIOUS, to be a factor right away. More competition means better racing. Better racing equals filled stands and higher TV ratings which equals more money in NASCAR's coffers. If there is is one thing that appeals to the NASCAR powers that be, it's a company that brings a blank check to help line the France family pockets.

ESPN rumor monger Chris Mortinson reported Mike Mularkey was offered nearly 2 million bucks to be the Lions offensive coordinator. Amazingly, Mularkey didn't take the money and run. But he took the same position when it was offered by the Fish? Two questions. First, were Mularkey's offenses really that good, as in 2 million bones a year worth of good, in Buffalo? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt due to his Pittsburgh years. How many coaches could make Kordell Stewart actually look good? Second, what about Miami's offer convinced Mularkey to turn down that kind of money? Miami's contract offer was more than a million dollars less than Detroit's. Do weather and family condsiderations really mean that much? I guess to Mularkey, they do. I have a feeling this doesn't bode well for the Lions coordinator search. I doubt we'll see big names fill the positions.

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