Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lions fans are so desperate, they believe incompetence equals a curse

The Lions have been not-so-loveable losers for 50 years, which means fans are going to look for any damn excuse they can find which could explain such a miserable half century.

Thus, the "Curse of Bobby Layne."

This coming week being the 50 year anniversary of the Bobby Layne trade, the "curse" has received an inordinate amount of attention recently. There's a website associated with Layne's mystical curse, the Freep ran a feature article on the heavy partying Texan mentioning the so-called hex, and even the News' Bob Wojnowski brought Layne's supposed muttering to light in a column.

There's only 2 pink elephants on the field, coach! 
I'm ready to go in!

We all know the story. When the best QB in Detroit history was traded to the Steelers in October 1958, for really no other reason than the team was tired of dealing with him, Layne supposedly said, though there's absolutely no record of it, the Lions wouldn't win "for 50 years."

What a load of BULLSHIT.

Layne was a great QB, but an even better drinker. The man is legend in Detroit drinking circles. He started boozing the minute the game ended, and didn't stop till the next Sunday afternoon kickoff. Meaning he was likely 10 sheets to the wind when he learned the Lions traded him to the then armpit of the NFL, Pittsburgh. So I refuse to believe Layne said the Lions would never win for 50 years. Now if legend had Layne slurring "Where's my gin?" That I could believe. 

I see 3 Hopalong Cassadys...I'll throw it to the one in the middle!

See, Layne never cursed the Lions. He was thirsty and boozing. "Lions will never win!" "Where's my gin." Honest mistake. But it's no curse.

Incompetence, delusion, idiocy and stupidity have run rampant through the Lions' franchise over the years. It doesn't mean the team was cursed, but it does tells you the Lions have been run by a series of sycophants, yes men and mental midgets, all hired by an inbred blue blood living off of grandpa's money, William Clay Ford.

Ford being a do-nothing rich SOB does not equate into the Lions being cursed. It's also letting the God damn do-nothing rich SOB off the hook for so many years of fan pain and suffering, and blaming Bobby Layne for something he never said.

Screw the curse. Just leave Layne, who did nothing but good things in Detroit (won 3 championships and kept bar owners in new Cadillacs) out of it.

It's not the "Curse of Bobby Layne." Never was, never will be. Actually, it's the "Incompetence of Wiliam Clay Ford." Blame Henry Ford's Richie Rich of a grandson all you want. Hell, even call it the "Curse of William Clay Ford" if it helps.

But don't blame the mythical mutterings of a hall of fame QB for 50 years of pure shit.

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