Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stephen A. Smith thinks Millen is clueless. In other news, the sun rises in the east...

The local media is making a huge fuss over Screamin' Stephen A. Smith's verbal takedown of the bane of my existence, Matt Millen, on Cold Pizza ESPN's Morning Afterthought First Take. Detroit sports talk radio, always desperate for any sort of remotely controversial Lions fodder, led their shows off talking about Smith's commentary. The Freep, hopping on a bandwagon so full and overflowing, an anorexic model wouldn't fit, even has a transcript...

"I like what I'm seeing from Aaron Rodgers. Right now he's playing just as good as any quarterback in the NFL.

The key thing for me is, remember he was playing against the Lions.

This team is just atrocious and Matt Millen is a walking football atrocity. He is the worst executive, in my opinion, in the history of team sports.

He is flat-out garbage. The fact that he is allowed to have a job, the fact that he is allowed to walk though the streets of Detroit to enter Ford Field is an abomination in and of itself.

There should be barricades keeping this man out of the city limits. He should not be allowed to be employed by the Detroit Lions. He is a disgrace of the highest order.

And that's why you can't take anything Aaron Rodgers did yesterday seriously, because we are talking about the Detroit Lions, who are absolute garbage...

(Millen) is clueless, he doesn't know what he's doing. Until they get rid of him, we're going to be saying that a whole bunch of people look good when they play the Detroit Lions."

Well...Whoop-de-fucking-doo! Screamin' A. thinks Millen's a maroon who shouldn't be employed as a washroom attendant, let alone as an NFL GM. Who has the brains of a baboon and all the common sense of a...well, baboon. Thanks for stating the unbelievably obvious, Steve. Tell us something we don't know, railed against and lived through.

Detroit fans: "No shit."

We all know Millen is a moron. We all know Millen has not a clue as to running an NFL franchise...if you can even call the Detroit Lions one. We all know Millen needs to be shitcanned. We all know the Millen era has been one, long, unfunny, pain filled, joke. We know, we know, we know, we know!

We all know one other incontrovertible truth.

We all know William Clay Ford won't do a God damn thing.

The sudden burst of MSM interest in Matt Millen's status because an overrated and annoying member of the 4 Letter's "The louder I yell, the more important my point" crew is hilarious. The blogosphere has been screamin' for Millen's head on a pike/pole/platter for YEARS. Hell, the local MSM has as well. This is nothing more than the same shit, different day. Period.

This is no big deal, despite local sports talk radio and fishwraps portraying it as such. Millen getting roasted on ESPN? Big whoop. Next.

Millen getting the ziggy? Now THAT would get my attention...and give me hope the Lions might...just might...win sometime in my lifetime.

Till that happens, the 4 Letter's morons spewing meaningless ultimatums is nothing more than hot, useless, regurgitated, air. Something Smith and his ilk specialize in. Think the Goodyear blimp is full of Helium? Not true. It's actually full of Screamin' A's sound bites.

"Powered by Screamin' A."


  1. Al:

    I hear ya, but it IS kinda funny to see the MSM unload on Millen like that, because heretofore, they've been rather kind and showing too much deference to MM, because he used to be one of them.

    I have to admit, I giggled at the line about not allowing MM past the city limits.

    While we're at it, how does Elgin Baylor still have a job with the Clippers? His era makes MM's look like child's play. Elgin's been there since 1986; he was Exec of the Year in 2006. Only took him 20 years! Then they immediately went back into the shitter.

  2. Even the national MSM can't give Millen the benefit of the doubt anymore, Eno. He's been gone from the booth long enough not to be thought of as being one of "them" anymore.

    The Clippers are the closest comparable team to the Lions in pro sports. Clippers and Lions fans can commiserate in their similar suffering.