Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions: 1st quarter - Here we go again...

JC Pearson and Matt Massavigina are live from Ford Field, and Big Al is live from my living room. (OK, no more of this 3rd person shit!)

The Lions will kick off. It's game time! May God help us all...

After a confusing call by Massavgina, and the Lions thinking the ball was alive when it was long dead, and me rewinding the DVR to figure out what happened, the Pack will start on their own 19.

2 Ryan Grant runs get jack shit. 3rd and 9 Pack. A swing pass to Grant gets more of the same, jack shit. Pack will punt. The Lions defense looked better in that series than they did all game against the Falcons.

Branson Middleton actually makes a Packer miss on the return, Lions start at their 37.

Lions get off to a good start, as a Calvin Johnson reception and Kevin Smith run get a 1st down just shy of the 50. Where in FUCK was this team last week? Oh, that's right. They didn't bother to show up, according to Cory Redding.

Roy Williams drops a pass on 2nd and long. Hit him right in the hands. Yep, that's the Roy we all know! 3rd and 8.

Kitna drops back to pass...and never has a chance to throw the ball. SACK. Shit.

A Nick Harris punt pins the Packs down at the 14 yard line. The Lions' kickers are co-MVP's in my book. They are the only Lions to perform on a consistent basis.

Grant is stuffed again! Redding with a Shaun Rogers-like play, bursting thru the line!

But my joy is short lived, as Rogers hits Jennings for the 1st down. Joy is fleeting when you are a Lions fan.

Rogers to Jennings for 13 yards allows the Pack the convert another 3rd and long. Packers are driving. I'm girding myself for the worst...

A Brandon Jackson carry gets the Pack over the 50, and nets another 1st down. The Pack offense is in control, as they are getting 7-8 yard chunks against the Lions limp dick of a D.

A Jennings catch, a Pack false start and a deep pass misfire has them facing another 3rd and long.

Rogers is pressured, scrambles right, and finds Jones just past the sticks. 1st down! Christ, another chance to get off the field, and the Lions' D fails to do so. Typical.

The Rogers to Jennings show continues, he catches his 3rd pass of the game inside the 30. Lumpkin up the gut, big hole, he's down at the 10! Shit. The Lions' D is being dominated. This is a LOOOONG, time consuming drive for the Packers.

A Grant run and an incompletion leaves the Pack 3rd and goal from the 9. Time for the Lions D to stiffen, right?


Rogers takes a short drop, is pressured by Jared Devries...Who MISSES him! Rogers scrambles know what happens next...He finds Jones open in the end zone. 6 points for the Packers.

A 15 play, 86 yard drive. 7-0 Packers. I pound my head against the desk...

I guess the Lions' D decided to not show up again? Or maybe they just SUCK!

Middleton takes the kickoff, finds a seam, and is over the 30. It took Rod Marinelli this long to figure out a return game can be a WEAPON! What a dumb ass.

Kitna to Casey FitzSimmons gets 10 yards. Lets see if the Lions' can keep their flaccid D off the field.

Kevin Smith breaks a nice 14 yard run, gets the Lions past mid field, down at the Packers 44.

What? It's the end of the quarter? That was damn quick. We can thank the Packers' offense for grinding out clock.

Pack leads 7-0 after 1 quarter. It wasn't a total debacle, like last week, so things are improving in Lions-land, right? Baby steps, folks. Baby steps...

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