Thursday, September 18, 2008

FYI: TV alert!

No, not me. But someone you likely read on a daily basis is scheduled to be in a few hours.

Kurt, of Mack Avenue Tigers fame, and a member of the 4th Estate who actually gets "it," may be on the Fox Sports Network tonight at halftime of the Northern Michigan - Michigan Tech game. CBS College sports is originating it, FSN is picking up the feed for the first D2 football game they have ever televised.

As per Kurt...

Northern Michigan and Michigan Tech will be on at 8 p.m. Thursday, if you want to check that out. It should be a pretty high scoring, exciting game with a decent crowd, at the big wooden dome down the block from me. I'll be there as a writer -- I think they should interview the local columnist, personally. But it could be interesting, for a few minutes anyway.

The local columnist being our man at Mack Avenue Tigers. I'm looking forward to reading his take on what should be a big night for the Yoopers.

I'll be watching, and so should you. We support our own...

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  1. haha, I said I "think" they should Al, not that they would! And good thing too, I've got a sweating fever right now and look like the wrong end of an elephant.