Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The worst $138 million investment ever made

I'm at a loss. Much like the God damn Tigers. A team that's playing out the string from here on out.
The Tigers out and out blow ANOTHER game, this time thanks to a White Sox 4 run rally in the bottom of the 14th inning. A 2 out, 3 run Nick Swisher home run off of Joel Zumaya, greatly helped along by Edgar Renteria butchering a 1 out ground ball, was an emphatic, painful, final nail in Detroit's coffin.

This was the one. It's official. This is game we'll point to and say, "That was when the 2008 season came to an ugly, grisly, disappointing end."

The Tigers spent a $138 million for this?  A $138 million, folks. That a shitload of Little Cesear's Pizza. If Mike Ilitch wanted to piss his money away, he would have been better off throwing $100 bills in a urinal.

It would have been cheaper, and saved we fans a season full of grief. A whole lot of grief.


  1. The Tigers arent' done yet. Because if they are, that means its football season and the Lions. Come on Tigers.

  2. This losing streak goes back to the game where they had a chance to win 3 of 4 from Cleveland and Leyland rested everyone. Also, we have not won since we traded Pudge for yet another insconsistent relief pitcher, the last thing we needed. This season is on Leyland and has been bad decision after bad decision

  3. I said that night the night my niece was born was the end of all hope for the 2008 Tigers. RIP. I have barely watched any of the last 2 games. I have the same feelings as watching the Lions. I no longer hope that they don't blow it. The question is who and how it will be blown.