Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick thoughts on...

The Britsh Open:

I'm much more open to watching golf at 9 AM on the weekend than I am later in the day. Coffee, bagels and the British Open isn't a bad way to spend a morning.In fact, it's a mighty fine way to spend a morning. The PGA Tour needs more early morning tee times! Make it happen, Tim Finchem.

I tend to agree with those who say "Greg Norman didn't choke." Playing golf in 40 MPH winds will screw with anyone's game, to the worse. Unless your name is Padraig Harrington, of course. I can't believe how good he was in near unplayable conditions. After all the damage Joey Blue Skies has done to the Harrington name, Padraig is doing everthing he can to salvage it.

I didn't miss Tiger Woods conpeting, but Norman's out of nowhere run gave everyone a storyline to grab on to. I doubt the PGA Championship, which happens to be at Oakland Hills in 3 weeks, will be so lucky.

The Tigers:

The Tigers' loss on Saturday wasn't a gut punch loss. It was a kick in the nuts, curl up in a fetal position while loudly moaning sort of a loss. In my experience (Not that I've had much), a nut shot is Hella more painful than a gut punch. Takes longer to recover from too...

I was at a fanily function Saturday night, and was watching the nut kick game with my brother-in-law. Just before Freddy Dolsi went into his windup, I went to grab a beer. Suddenly the bro-in-law yelled, "Shit! Fuck! You got to be kidding me!"  I didn't have to ask him if the Tigers had lost. All I could do was pop the top of the Molson, and drink it. It didn't help matters.

I have no problems with Jim Leyland running Joel Zumaya back out to the mound for a 2nd inning against the Orioles. He was lights out in the 8th, and Tigers do need to determine if he's the closer in waiting. You all know we'd still be bitching about Zoom not finishing the game if Todd Jones had been the pitcher victimized by the game tying home run.

Speaking of Jones, I'm seriously beginning to wonder how much he has left. I know he goes through a rough patch every season, but he's been throwing batting practice during his last few outings. Everyone is hitting hin, and hitting him hard. Even his outs are shots that just happen to be hit at someone.

On the flip, the idea of Kenny Rogers returning for another season isn't all that outrageous of a it? The Tigers already have gaping holes in their rotation, and Rogers retiring would leave another. Think about it. Who would you rather see on the mound, The Gambler or Nate Robertson/Dontrelle Willis/Pick a free agent out a hat? 

The Pistons:

Ron Artest? You have to be joking, right? Be honest, you're jerking my chain. Sounds like more creative rumor mongering from a bored beat writer. There is no way in Hell Bill Davidson would approve of Joe Dumars acquiring the batshit insane Artest. No way in Hell.

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  1. At this point, I think I'd be fine with another year of Rogers. I expect at some point the wheels will fall off, but he doesn't seem to be there yet and it can't hurt if it's a one-year deal.