Thursday, July 24, 2008

How big is this weekend's series with the Chicago White Sox?

Again, I have to ask. Just how big is this weekend's series with the ChiSox?

 Bigger than the the right center field gap at Comerica.

Bigger than Miggy's gut.

Bigger than Magglio's hair care bills.

Bigger than Pudge's statue of himself.

Bigger than Mike Ilitch's toupee bill.

Bigger than Placido Polanco's...No, I'm not going there...

You get my point. It's pretty God damn big.

Sweep, and the Tigers are 2.5 games back on Monday morning. According to Billfer, the Tigers may be looking at looking at AJ Burnett, George Sherrill, and/or a young shortstop, and are willing to trade, and pick up much of the contract of, Gary Sheffield. Any of those players could fill some pretty gaping holes in the Detroit lineup during a pennant race.

But get swept, even lose 2 out of 3, those players may not make a damn bit of difference, and the Tigers could be looking to sell, rather than buy, at the trade deadline.

So yeah, it's a pretty God damn HUGE series. 

Even though a sweep, or winning 2 of 3 at the bare minimum, will firmly plant the Tigers in the middle of a pennant race, losing the series won't necessarily close the door on their contending.  It won't be over, but the fat lady will be humming her scales.

We're now closer to the end of the season, than the start. The Tigers spent too much time spinning their wheels in 3rd place. Wasted too many games early on in the season. Used up too much time getting back over .500. Time is of the essence. Time waits for no man, or team. It's time to win some damn games, and finally make the Central a race.

Just how big is this weekend?

Bigger than the Detroit blogosphere's righteous indignation will be if the Tigers lose 3. I may even break out the TWFE panic button.

Now that's pretty damn big, huh?


  1. Here's a thought...If the Bengals are looking for a starter, they could probably pick up Greg Maddux for a bag of batting practice balls. The Padres are falling off the map in the NL Worst and probably wouldn't want much more than some salary relief. Maddux would fit as the Tigers' fifth (or even 4th or 3rd) starter and might be pleasantly surprised to find some run support, not to mention a league full of guys who have never been nibbled to death. Plus, he keeps the ball in play. It couldn't hurt to ask.

  2. I've heard Maddux's name thrown around, but I've heard there's also a problem. He wants to play on the west coast. I do agree he's the perfect sort of pickup.

    As you say, you'll never know if he's be willing to play away from the left coast unless you ask.

  3. Thanks again Todd Jones, White Sox 6, Tigers 5. Please go retire now.