Thursday, May 08, 2008

Utter domination


I could be talking about the Red Wing making the Stars look inept in game 1 of the Western conference finals, 4-1, or the Tigers losing another series, meekly going down to the Red Sox, 5-1.

Talk about polar opposite atmospheres, and teams going in opposite directions.

Over the airwaves, Comerica came off as morgue, while the Joe was electric. The Wings were living up to our expectations, while the Tigers were doing their damnedest to confirm our worst fears. The Red Wings have the look of a champion, the Tigers...I'm not sure, but if something doesn't kick in soon, we'll be calling 2008 a lost season.

The Red Wings have won 7 straight playoff games, playing their best hockey of the season, looking to all the world as the Stanley Cup favorites. I certainly wouldn't bet against them.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Tigers are playing in a stupor, and showing no sign of shaking out of it. The eyes don't lie. They are well on their way to becoming $138 million busts. I'm getting thisclose to pushing the TWFE panic button. Seriously, thisclose.

There's not much else to say...

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