Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pros and cons: Why should Mike Babcock stay in the D?

Sometimes the press asks the most asinine questions. For example, today Mike Babcock was asked if he planned on returning as Red Wings coach after this season.

What? Isn't that the equivalent of asking George Bush if he's going to resign as president in order to take over a smaller, less powerful country? Bill Ford Jr leaving Ford Motor Company to take over Segway?

Mlive's Wings blogger George James Malik says Babcock was diplomatic in his answer, rather than answering the question as most would...

Babcock answered the question with a little more poise than simply saying, "DUH"

"Duh" indeed.

"I'll punch out the next dumb ass who asks if I'm leaving Detroit!
Any more stupid questions?

I figured such a silly ass question deserved the pro and con treatment, just to make sure Babcock was making the right decision remaining the Red Wings point man.

Pro: He's coaching 3 of the top 10, arguably 3 of the top 5, hockey players in the world, Pavel Datsuyk, Henrik Zetterberg and Nick Lidstrom.
Con: There's a con to coaching the most talented team in the NHL?

Pro: The Red Wings have the best scouting organization in the NHL, mining gems in the later rounds. There's also the fact free agents want to play in to Detroit, and the Wings' own free agents don't want to leave, giving a hometown discount when signing their deal. In other words, the Wings don't rebuild, they reload.
Con: What con?

Pro: If you are going to coach hockey in the US, is there a better hockey job than coaching the New York Yankees of the NHL, America's hockey team (Thanks to Michigan ex-pats being all over the nation), the Detroit Red Wings? No.
Con: Can't think of one.

Pro: The Red Wings are one of the most tradition laded franchises in all of sports, from being an Original Six team, to octopus throwing.
Con: You risk getting hit with an slimy 8 legged critter every May and June.

Pro: The red Wings organization is committed to winning, no matter the cost, from the owner on down.
Con: There's pressure to win, and win big. But wouldn't you prefer that, than coaching for a franchise where no one gives a shit? Say Chicago? Florida? Phoenix? Hockey is a rumor in too many NHL cities, but not in Detroit. That wasn't really a con, was it?

Pro: It's the RED WINGS, for chrissakes!
Con: Again, there's a con to coaching the Wings? (Save the "You have to live in Detroit" jab for a blog that thinks Detroit jokes are actually funny. Because this isn't one...)

Not much of a debate, huh? And the MSM wonders why we bloggers make so much fun of them...

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