Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Denial is a river running through Pittsburgh

In some sadly deluded circles, a goalie diving (Yes, Osgood did embellish being hit. In fact, Pens fans seem to be forgetting ALL goalies flop like dying fish) is much more despicable act than sucker punching a player recovering from a concussion in the head...twice.

I'm guessing Pens fans would also believe the following...

Sidney Crosby saying the Penguins had more quality scoring chances than the Wings.

This was NOT a quality scoring opportunity in Crosby's world...

It's Crosby's God given right to win the Stanley Cup, as Bettman deems it in the NHL's best interest.

That Bettman actually has a clue.

Michel Therrien claiming the biggest reason his team isn't scoring is due to the Wings getting away with obstruction.

The east plays a better brand of hockey than the west.

Don Cherry is to be taken seriously, and he's not a clueless xenophobe who would rather brown nose Crosby than ever deign to praise one of the Wings' Europeans.

Cheap shot goonery is an appropriate response to being dominated in every single phase of the game. Then again, when nothing else seems to be working, what's a few sucker punches amongst friends?

That Gary Roberts can still play, rather than being a washed up thug.

That the following doesn't describe Wings-Pens. Those can can, do. Those that can't, whine about officiating/diving/obstruction.

That Warner Brothers didn't predict the outcome of this series 58 years ago in a Bugs Bunny cartoon called "8 Ball Bunny." Go 2:30 in for the sooth saying hobo...

"Penguins is practically chickens. And I hates to see chickens cry so much, that I has to put them out of their misery."


  1. With all of the Penguin BS the one thing that stands out about the Filippula goal that you show is that before the puck crossed the goal line the referee's hand was up and he was about to call obstruction, holding, tripping, tackling, flagrant 2, attempted murder, or something similar on the hapless Penguin defenseman who had been just been beaten like rented mule. That's how you overcome "obstuction," you play the play out like a man and put the bisciut in the basket. I take back what I said in a previous comment about dumping game four so that the Wings could win it at the Joe and skate the Cup around the ice at home. Screw that, win it in Pittsburgh and skate that sucker around the ice at the Igloo and show the fans what a real hockey team looks lide.

  2. I haven't had the chance to watch any of this yet, but it does sound like the officials (read: The League) wanted the Pengies to win it all. Tough crap.

    I think somebody oughta be suspended for the cheap shots on Mule. Waaay out of line, even for pro sports. I understand that it's normal to take a stab at somebody's weakness, but Christ!

    (For the record, I heard a fairly solid rumor that his medical issue was a brain clot. If true, that ought to condemn the Pengies to the lowest level of Hell)