Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2nd verse same as the 1st: Red Wings dominate the Penguins

A few quick thoughts on the Red Wings taking down the wannabe Broad Street Bullies 3-0...

I love to watch the Red Wings when their game is firing on all cylinders. In the Stanley Cup finals, the Wings have been a silky smooth, high horsepower V-12, with no rev limiter. In comparison, the Penguins are a backfiring 4 cylinder out of a rusty '75 Pinto. No matter what you do to the 4 cylinder, it won't be enough to compete.

I don't get a chance to watch teams from the east play, thanks to the utter and complete incompetence and stupidity of the NHL. But is this the best the eastern conference has to offer? The Red Wings had a much tougher time playing west rivals Dallas and Nashville. (Though beating the Nordalanche was the equivalent of flicking fly off of their shoulders.) I was expecting better from the Penguins. Instead we get a goon squad.

Watching the Pens goon it up in the final minutes was disgusting. Even more so was the cheap shots taken at the head of Johan Franzen. The Mule is coming off of a well publicized concussion (or at least "concussion-like symptoms"), and the Pens are blatantly taking shots at his head? Stay classy, Pittsburgh. Asses.

On the NHL Network post game, professional douchebag Gary Roberts claimed there was no "intent" in his punching Franzen in the head, and he actually hit him with "my shoulder." Huh? I had no idea a shoulder could have 4 fingers and a thumb, clinched in a fist. If you aren't going to claim responsibility, at least come up with something more creative and believable.

It's not the first time I've seen teams lose their proverbial shit when playing the Red Wings. It has to be frustrating as all Hell to be so thoroughly dominated. And without question, the Penguins have been dominated.

What more can you really say about the first 2 games? The Red Wings have dominated play at both ends of the ice, and made Gary Bettman's golden boy, Sidney Crosby, irrelevant.

For all the talk a Pens-Wings series was going to be the NHL's dream matchup, it's quickly become a nightmare for Pittsburgh.


  1. Apropos of nothing, have you noticed when discussion turns to Dallas Drake that his alma mater is referred to as the University of Northern Michigan? As a Michigan Tech alum, I am both amused and annoyed simultaneously. Friends don't let friends go to Northern, as we used to say.

  2. I have thought for some time that the NHL's dream match-up in the Finals would have been Les Habitants vs. the Wings. Two Original Six teams (Hell, Chris "Worst Golf Swing This Side Of Charles Barkley" Berman might have come out of his summer somnolence to cover that one.) I would think that the media would have gone wild for that one, especially the Quebecois media. Of course, since Bettman is trying to kill all of the NHL's traditions he would have hated it. Let's get this over with in four--although dumping the fourth in Pittsburgh so that the Wings could clinch at the Joe would be nice.