Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Housekeeping: Advertising, subject matter and you!

Just a couple of housekeeping notes.

I've been playing around with the sidebar and ads, as you may have noticed. I've become a member of the Yardbarker Blogger Network, along with joining on as an advertiser. I'm trying to generate a little extra revenue from the site, so you may see bits and pieces come and go, as I see what works, and what doesn't. But you would be doing me a solid if you did click on the ads occasionally. Let me say thank you in advance!

I know content has been a tad sporadic lately, mostly due to my going through a slight creative drought. The biggest creative change being I've stopped the newspaper COTD and Above the Fold posts. I'm not sure if I'll bring them back, as I felt I was beginning to repeat myself, exhausting some subject matter. I don't want to be doing the same things, ranting about the exact same subjects over and over and over, as it bores you, and even worse, bores me.

I'd rather do 1 or 2 quality posts on TWFE and SideLion Report in a day, than several bad to middling ones. There were times I felt like I was churning out crapola, just to have new content. If the material is there, I'll post more. But I'm not going to force it, just for the sake of posting something new.

But you will continue to see changes on TWFE as time goes by. I have opportunities for cross promoting TWFE with some Detroit media entities, will be guest posting on another blog soon, and there are other things I STILL can't talk about. As I know more, and have dates, you'll be the first to know. Please bear with me as start to wade into some uncharted waters, and see how deep I want to go.

Anyway, I just wanted to get all that off my chest. You readers mean the world to me. Hell, many of you (namely the members of the Detroit blogosphere and you readers) I now consider good friends. I always appreciate your comments and emails, along with your visiting TWFE and subscribing via RSS.

Thanks for letting me ramble, and as always, thank you for reading!

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