Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hasek or Osgood? TWFE makes the call!

We all knew it was coming. It was unavoidable. The Red Wings have a goalie controversy on their hands. Should Mike Babcock stay with an obviously struggling Dominik Hasek, or go to his backup, who actually had a better overall regular season, All-Star Chris Osgood? Their playoff lives may depend upon whom the Wings have in goal Friday night against the Predators.

As Hasek has lost the past 2 games, giving up too many "soft" goals, the cries for "OZZIE!" can be heard throughout Detroit. Wings fans are in crisis mode, at DEFCON 1, scared beyond belief another early round playoff knockout is on the horizon.

So to ease everyone's fears, TWFE breaks down the 2 Detroit goalies.

Hasek: Is one butterfly away from shredding his groin, likely for good.
Osgood: Is one bouncing 90 foot shot away from knocking the Red Wings out of the playoffs.

Hasek: Is a sure fire lock for the hockey hall of fame.
Osgood: Is a sure fire lock for the puck bunny hall of shame.

Hasek: His goaltending won the 2002 Stanley Cup for the Red Wings.
Osgood: The Red Wings won the 1998 Stanley Cup despite Osgood's goaltending.

Hasek: Has the most unorthodox style of goaltending ever seen in the NHL.
Osgood: Is cutest NHL goaltender ever! (According to those puck bunnies)

Hasek: Likes to flop around the crease like a dying fish.
Osgood: Likes to eat fish.

Hasek: Wears a snazzily painted mask and helmet.
Osgood: Wears a mask and helmet taken straight off the shelves of K-Mart.

Hasek: Is an old man at 42, playing on borrowed time. In fact, he may be out of time.
Osgood: Is not near as old at 35. For a Red Wing, that's the equivalent being a teenager. He may have some good years left, but he's Chris Osgood, for chrissakes!

Hasek: Is bat-shit crazy.
Osgood: Is loved by thousands of bat-shit crazy Downriver puck bunnies.

Hasek: It bears repeating, he's bat-shit crazy! Hasek's a fucking LOON!
Osgood: It bears repeating, he's every Downriver puck bunny's dream date! They SWOON over OZZIE!

So once you look at the pluses and minuses, the pros and cons of the Red Wings net minders, you can only come to one conclusion...The Red Wings are screwed.

We'll know soon enough if the goalie controversy is just a speed bump on a long Stanley Cup winning run, or the 1st signs of another playoff disappointment, as Babcock made the call this afternoon. The fate of the Red Wings rides on the shoulders of Chris Osgood.

We'll know around 10pm Friday night if his decision was the correct one.

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