Friday, March 14, 2008

Detroti fishwrap comment of the day - A Murderer's Row of suck

I spew the vast majority of my righteous indignation about the Lions over at SideLion Report, but some of it still spills over here at TWFE. I can't help it, as the Lions confound me with their "logic."

The Lions make roster move after move after move, yet continue to go nowhere. The cutting of Kevin Jones is the latest roster move of the Millen era, and it still has me scratching my head. If this continues, I'll have scratched my head bald.

It's not so much the cutting of Jones that has me saying "What the fuck?" I don't like it, as Jones was their best back, but it can be somewhat justified. Mostly due to his injury history, though his salary was nothing to sneeze at. What has me confused though, is the cutting of Jones with NO OTHER VIABLE OPTIONS CURRENTLY ON THE ROSTER.

At Mlive, IDLion says the same thing by posting the Lions' depth chart at running back.

Bell, Cason and Calhoun I bet teams are terrified of playing the lions right now.

That's a Murderer's Row...of suck. That's an awesomely...bad group of running backs.

What's even more confusing to me are the fans whom are buying into the bullshit the Lions are giving us. I'm reading fans saying the Lions needed to clean house anyway, happy they are finally giving bus tickets out of town, that they'll fill all these roster holes created by the house cleaning in the draft.

Thing is, the dumbass who created this mess is the one they are depending upon to help fix it, Matt Millen. And just how is he "fixing" the mess? By allowing Rod Marinelli to do whatever he wants, and that appears to be signing every God damn former Tampa Bay Buccaneer on the open market.

Wonderful. Let's fill the Lions' roster holes with Tampa's aged rejects. I can sure see that working over the long haul...

As for plugging holes thru the draft? Look at the Lions recent history! They don't know how to draft! Their first day picks are busts, and their low round picks are more likely to be cut, than make the team! Those who believe the Lions can draft their way out of this mess are being delusional. They are letting their hope overwhelm their logical thought.

Wishing for the moron twins, Millen and Marinelli, to make smart personnel and drafting decisions doesn't change the fact their past track record says that's not going to happen.

What it comes down to is the Lions are lacking any sort of plan, other than to sign former Buccaneers. They react, instead of act. They go for the flash, rather than the substance. They plan for the short-term, instead of the long-term.

The only plan I can see is that I plan on 2008 being another long ass season of watching the Lions lose, and lose big.


  1. I really have no problem with releasing Kevin Jones, except for one thing: it means they will use one of their top draft picks on another offensive "skill position." Wideouts and running backs are notoriously iffy commodities. The smart teams are building from the inside out, concentrating on the offensive and defensive lines. As the Broncos have proven for years, if you have a good O-line, it almost doesn't matter who your running back is.

    The truly inexplicable thing about all this is that, as a player, Matt Millen was one of those rough, tough, inside guys. You'd think he'd build a team in that image. Instead, he is constantly mesmerized by shiny bits of cubic zirconium like Mike Williams and Charles Rogers. And now he's set himself up to spend the first-round pick on a running back who will either (a) hurt his knee in week four, or (b) have a disappointing season behind a woeful offensive line.

  2. Exactly. There's going to be a mice, big, capable OT sitting there at number 15. Yet the Lions have painted themselves into a corner (again), probably forcing themselves into taking the best available running back.

    "Wideouts and running backs are notoriously iffy commodities"

    Word. I would have been perfectly fine with the Lions using ALL their picks on o-linemen, d-linemen, and linebackers. Just look back at last year. They could of taken OT Joe Thomas in the 1st, and LB David Harris in the 2nd, and have been set for YEARS at those 2 interior positions.

    I don't need to tell you what they did instead.