Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Pondering Brandon Inge and beer volcanoes

The Tigers' bullpen is still in need of healthy arms. The latest bad news regarding the Tigers' Achilles heel is about Matt Mantei's shoulder. It's sore, derailing his comeback, and likely ending his career for a second time. This has fans looking for bullpen alternatives.

With Brandon Inge whining more than a Boston fan after the Sox lose to the Yankees, fans are coming up with their own Inge trades to add set up men to the Tigers' pen. One fan being a Freep commenter named MaggsMiggyMoney, who comes up with a dream solution...

Trade Inge for 2 relievers, which is exactly what we need, and I don't mean a bunch of who's who of relievers I actually want to hear some names that are well known.

The logic is so flawed in this comment, I don't know where to start.

This MaggsMiggyMoney character thinks Inge can be traded for not just one, but TWO relievers? For that matter, MaggsMiggyMoney thinks Inge is worth not just one NAME reliever, but two NAME relievers? Two NAME relievers for a .240 hitting 3rd baseman who struck out 150+ times?

I just have to ask. Considering the dearth of quality relief pitchers in baseball, would any team be crazy enough to trade two relievers? Two that were any good, anyway... If the fantastic were to happen, that team's GM would be run out of town faster than a Lions QB.

The more I think about it, the more I like MaggsMiggyMoney's world! In fact, I love it so much, I want to live in it!

I imagine it's a happy place full of beer volcanoes, streets paved with pizza, the rivers are made of vodka, your cable has BOTH the NFL Network AND the Big 10 Network, Matt Millen is working as a broadcaster, the Lions are a Super Bowl contender, and banjo hitting 3rd basemen with $6 million a year contracts are worth 2 big time setup men in trade.

Alas, it's only a dream.

The Tigers still need a bullpen arm or two, there's no free booze and pizza, Charter will NEVER get the NFL and Big 10 Network, the Matt Millen is running the Lions into a hole they'll never crawl out of, and a trade of Brandon Inge will net the Tigers little more than a career minor leaguer.


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