Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The best news I heard all day...

...Wasn't the signing of Miguel Cabrera becoming official. Definitely good news, but not the best.

Nor was it the arraignment of Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick this afternoon on multiple charges of perjury, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and misconduct. The sooner lying SOB is out of office, the better it is for not just the city, but for all of Michigan.

As good as those stories were, there was an even better one. In fact, the best news I heard all day was found in a throw away line in a Danny Knobler article at Mlive. Jim Leyland says there are two roster spots up for grabs, and a certain someone isn't getting one of them.

Leyland said he has already told Timo Perez and Mike Hessman that they won't be on the opening day roster.

Hell yes!

I'm thrilled the Marlboro Man heard my cries of Timo anguish, recognized my tears of Perez caused sorrow. The Tigers have no need for a 30-something never-gonna-be wasting space on the roster.

Remember folks, "Say no to Timo!"


  1. you tried to get me excited that millen resigned and then kicked the chair away!

  2. Al, Al, Al....

    Why the vitriol for a guy with a career .273 BA and who only struck out SIX times in 90 AB last year, and has never struck out all that much, and who has a lifetime .983 FA? And I'm not sure that you hit .389 in 90 AB by accident. In '02, Perez was a regular for the Mets and hit .295 with 36 Ks. Am I missing something here? PLEASE don't put him in the same category as Neifi! You're smarter than that!