Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Small favors department: Missing 3 weeks is better than the alternative

Red Wings Nation has been holding their breath as to the severity of Nick Lidstrom's knee injury since Monday night. Hold no more, we have the results of the MRI...

At Mlive, Kirk's nemisis Kahn is reporting the Red Wings irreplacable defenseman will miss 3 weeks due to a MCL sprain.

My first thought? "Whew."

But in the back of my head, I can't shake the thought that Lidstrom's injury will keep him out longer. Maybe MUCH longer. Come on people, NHL teams never ever tell the truth when it comes to injuries. It's become so commonplace, allowing teams to mask the severity of an injury is in the NHL bylaws. I mean, wasn't Niklas Kronwall supposed to be back a week ago? He's still out, with no set date for a return.

This Wings fan is in wait and see mode. I'm nowhere near panicking, but you can't deny the injuries are starting to pile up. It going to take more than a rejuvenated Darren McCarty to plug all the roster holes...

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