Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - "i just dont want a here a bunch of bitchin"

Though the Lions moronic GM remains in hiding, Rod Marinelli isn't, and he spoke to the MSM yesterday. Mlive's Killer Kowalski was all over it, with Marinelli making a claim, in regard to drafting, that was on the wrong side of delusional.

"The one thing we've been able to do well, or better, is we're not missing on that first day"

Despite Marinelli's self-denial, legendary Mlive commenter CHIEFGER139 is excited about the players the Lions plan on drafting...Even though he has absolutely no idea who in the Hell it's going to be.

i think getting a good linebacker is alot less of a crap shoot than getting a sure qb or a sure receiver-they should do fine doing this. cb are easier hits than misses too. this draft hopefully will make millen and marenalli look good. i just dont want a here a bunch of bitchin cause we got our linebacker and cb and then passed up on this so and so qb or tight end or whatever. also sounds like marennali is planning on his 1st two picks to be immediate starters-that new blood on the team should get everyone a little bit excited-it does me.

Uh...What? Did I read that correctly?

"i just dont want a here a bunch of bitchin"

From your mouth to God's ears, CHIEFGER139!

Try as I may, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this comment. Screw it! I've made up my mind. I want to live in CHIEFGER139's world, as it seems to be such a wonderfully odd, off kilter place to be, where common sense and lucidity aren't needed.

So CHIEFGER139 is excited for the draft? Me too! In fact, I'm so EXCITED, I just peed a little! Was that too much information?

Marenalli (sic) is planning on his 1st two picks to start? Well, I should hope so! Jesus Christ, dude. Think about it. Every team in the NFL plans on their early round picks to start. If they don't, something is desperately wrong. Uh...Wait.

The Lions had 4 picks in the 1st two rounds, only 2 got playing time (Calvin Johnson and Gerald Alexander), and they only started because of injuries. The other two (Drew Stanton and Ikaika Alama-Francis) were only rumored to be on the team. Methinks CHIEFGER139's faith is a tad misplaced.

I'm glad that some Lions fans still have faith in Marinelli and the moron. (Marinelli and the moron? Wasn't that a FOX show in the 90's?) Really, I am. But as I have all my faculties, I'm just not one of them.

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