Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Red Wings need defensemen. TWFE finds some blue line candidates

Lidstrom. Rafalski. Kronwall. Chelios. All are out of the Red Wings lineup due to one injury or another. If the Red Wings suffer any more injuries on the blue line, who's left? Just who should the Wings look to pick up?

I can think of a few former Red Wings who could be signed as free agents, and come to the rescue...

Ted Lindsay: I know he was a forward, but I bet there is still some life in those 83 year old legs. Even in his 80's, he would still love to carve up a few faces, and crack a few skulls. I'd guarantee you Terrible Ted would lead the Wings in penalty minutes.

Paul Woods: Woods was a very solid stay at home d-man for the Wings in the 70's and 80's. As he's already in the broadcast booth, he knows the Red Wings schemes. Plus, at 53, he's not that much older that Chris Chelios!

Larry Murphy: Number 55 in your programs, and the "The human pylon" in your hearts, you know Murph could still play at age 46. You know he hasn't lost a step, as he didn't have any steps to lose in the first place! Murphy has already won 4 Stanley cups, so the chance for "one for the thumb" (so to speak) could be enough to get him to come out of that little cubby hole Fox Sports Detroit sticks him in between the benches during home games.

Uwe Krupp: Drag his dog sled racing ass back on the ice to actually earn some of the Brink's truck full of cash he stole from the Red Wings. Wings fans never did get to boo his German ass enough, let's make up some lost time...

Harold Snepsts: If only so I could chant, "HAAAAAROLD! HAAAAAROLD!"

Hey, any port in a storm, and the Wings are in an injury hurricane.

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