Friday, February 15, 2008

Pros and Cons: Should the Red Wings trade for Sergei Fedorov ?

I never understood the all Sergei Fedorov hate. All the slightly crazy and very horny Russian ever did was help lead the Red Wings to 3 Stanley Cups, spending his best years in Detroit in what will probably end up as a hall of fame career. Yet many Wings fans prefer to crucify Federov, booing him unmercifully whenever he comes to town. Those fans were more than happy to see him go, and hold a grudge to this day.

But what exactly is the grudge? Sergei left town after the '02-'03 season. You'd think time heals all wounds, but I'm not sure all Red Wings fans have healed, as the anger is still there. But what are they angry about? The thought that Fedorov never fully realized his potential? The forcing of Mike Ilitch's hand, and emptying one of his money filled vaults, by Fedorov's signing a "poison pill" offer sheet with Carolina? That he appeared to be more preoccupied with fame, than playing hockey?

Whatever the reason, some Red Wings fans just won't let the hate go...

Fedorov just doesn't look right in that uni. It needs a winged wheel...

With Fedorov's current team in town, the wonderfully named Columbus BJ's, and the Wings currently in need of a 2nd-3rd line forward, a role Sergei could ably fill, rumors abound that he would be open to returning to the scene of his greatest seasons. The BJ's could be willing to trade Sergei for a nominal price, and the Red Wings have a definite hole in the roster thanks to the injury to Dan Cleary.

Why Sergei? Because the cost in talent for a big time offensive player is out of the Wings price range. (They have the cap room, but are unwilling to lose a young prospect, or anyone currently on the roster) Why trade an arm, a leg and a prospect in return for what very well could be a rental? cough//Bertuzzi//cough

When you put it like that, Fedorov may be the most affordable option. So what's the holdup? Let's make this happen! Hold up there skippy. Not so fast...

Before we do something rash, it seems like a good time for another round of pros and cons. Then we can finally determine, once and for all, if the Wings should trade for the mercurial forward...

Pro: The BJ's won't ask much in return for Fedorov.
Con: the Red Wings may not have anyone the BJ's actually want.

Pro: Sergei will bring back all the good memories of those great Red Wings Stanley Cup teams.
Con: Fedorov is 38(!) years old, he's not that player anymore.

Pro: Despite his age, Fedorov is still an effective 2 way player.
Con: By 2 way, I mean he'll nail both hot and ugly chicks.

Pro: He's no longer seeing Anna Kournikova.
Con: Kournikova will no longer be nightly eye candy in the seats at the Joe.

Pro: Fedorov would not need to carry the Wings, just be a complementary piece of the puzzle.
Con: Fedorov is best remembered as not a piece of the puzzle, but more interested in looking for a piece...of tail.

Pro: In a pinch, if need be, Fedorov could play as a defenseman.
Con: But he'd rather play the field...

Pro: Fedorov still shows flashes of his once awesome offensive skills.
Con: His best skill now may be as a flasher.

Pro: The Downriver puck bunnies would highly approve Fedorov's return.
Con: Fedorov would spend more time chasing puck bunnies that chasing down the puck.

I think the answer is clear. The positives well outweigh the negatives when it comes to Fedorov's Red Wings career, and what he can bring to the stretch run. After 5 years, it's long past time to let bygones be bygones, and bring the horny Russian heartthrob home.


  1. I think that most of the animosity towards sergei stems from the 99, 00, and 01 playoffs. The Wings got bounced early and he didn't appear to produce. Is that fair? Probably not, but when a team falls short of expectations, somebody is going to have to take the blame.

  2. I believe Fedorov is playing D exclusively now for the BJ's, a position he played in Russia, and a little fo rthe Wings, when they had injury trouble. Sure, he could be moved up to a 2/3 line forward, but honestly, when the BLUE JACKETS, of all teams, don't think hes very useful as a forward anymore, why should the Wings find him anymore useful?

    Fedorov really doesn't bring much to the table anymore, and certainly not anything the Wings need. Either save the prospects, or deal them for someone who really could be useful. Fedorov isn't that player anymore, and he's not even close enough to be able to help himself. Because of the way the calary cap works in the NHL, the Wings actually have tons of cap space, in terms of what they can pick up for this year. If they had, say, 1 million dollars in cap room, and 80% (for an easy example) of the season is gone by, they would only be on the hook for the remaining 20% of someone's salary. Meaning, if the deal doesn't hurt them in future years, they can take on a player whose yearly salary is 5 million for this year, even though they only have 1 million in cap room. Obviously, the Wings have more than 1 million in cap room, so they are obviously not constricted by the cap at all, for rental player acquisition. Since money is not a concern, why go for a very marginally effective player like Fedorov? This team has been on another planet, up until the last 5 games. Either leave them alone, and let them get healthy, or make a really helpful acquisition. At this point in his career, I don't even think Fedorov would even be very useful to the Red Wings just as a depth player, ready in case of an injury.