Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drew Sharp should stick to writing about sports he hates, rather than those he ignores

The Freep's resident hack, hatchet man Drew Sharp, normally rips on the Big 10, and the 3 of the 4 pro teams in town. Sharp is oblivious to the existence of Red Wings. Well, he was oblivious till today.

For some reason, Sharp decided to unsheave his knives to go after Ken Holland and the Red Wings.

At the NHL trade deadline, the Red Wings GM acquired Brad Stuart, a top 4 defenseman from the L.A. Kings, for future 2nd and 4th round picks. Holland filled a huge need, considering their dire injury situation at the blue line. If you ask any Red Wings fan, including myself, landing Stuart is not a bad day's work. He's a very nice haul for not having to give up a 1st round pick, or one of their young players. What more did Sharp expect Holland to do? But you can color the dull one unimpressed.

But the Wings missed an opportunity Tuesday, considering the asking price for some of the guys moved. The Wings should have done more than merely securing Stuart.

Sharp fails to note that there is what I like to call a "Red Wings tax" involved whenever Holland looks to deal. It's ALWAYS going to cost the Wings more in trade, thanks to their always sitting at the top of the standings, and being the Yankees of the NHL. (True or not, it's how most NHL fans feel)

For example, Sharp says the Wings should have gone harder after Sergei Fedorov. Most fans would agree, save for one thing. It would have cost the Wings more than "one middling prospect" thanks to their being in the same division as the BJ's. Holland confirmed as much during radio interviews.

Sharp also doesn't reveal the "middling prospect" was Washington's 2nd round pick, 46th overall, in the 2007 draft. That's a bit more than a "middling prospect" if you ask me...Or any other hockey fan. Realistically, that 2nd round pick the Capitals gave up for Fedorov turns into a 1st round pick from the Wings.

Sharp then complains the Wings didn't act as they used to at the trade deadline, trading picks and prospects for help.

In the day, they were easily disposable, nameless faces. They became the residue of the organization's superior scouting, particularly in Europe. If they could provide a quality veteran that could make the difference in a pivotal Game 5 in a playoff series, it was worth the sacrifice as far as the Wings were concerned.

Uh, this is the salary cap era in the NHL, dumb ass. The Red Wings can no longer afford to be as cavalier as they once were with their draft picks. They can't take on other team's salary dumps and free agency mistakes. Holland has to balance the present against the future, while keeping the cap in mind the entire time. He can't buy what he needs, as it's no longer 2002. Then again, that was probably the last time Sharp covered the Wings...

For all of Sharp's bitching and moaning that the sky is falling, he then contradicts his entire column with the following line.

Holland's reluctance Tuesday might prove the correct decision.

Huh? Wait a sec... Didn't Sharp earlier claim the Wings "missed an opportunity?" Then he does a 180, and says Holland may have done he right thing? I'm confused. Which is it? Either Holland screwed up, or he didn't. It can't be both.

This piece is so out of left field, filled with contradictions and factual omissions, you'd think the functionally retarded one, Rob Parker, wrote this jumble of words posing as a column.

Sharp should stick to hating on the Big 10, were he still has a little bit of credibility. He has none when it comes to the Red Wings, as this "column" proves..


  1. *GULP* Does this mean I'm in your doghouse, along with Sharp? Because I sort of echoed him -- albeit maybe a tad more sanely -- in yesterday's OOB. Yikes!


  2. Eno, not at all. I read you blog post, and understood where you were coming from. The difference being I actually RESPECT your opinion.

    I can't say the same about Sharp.

  3. Whew! If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you don't want to end up on the bad side of Big Al!

    And, in the spirit of mutual admiration, I respect your opinion, too!