Monday, February 25, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Overreact much?

One of my favorite types of forum commenter are the those who want to waive/trade/cut/bench damn near an entire team, never mind any extenuating circumstances or a team's overall record.

One such fruit loop is a Freep poster calling himself baseball. In an article about Red Wings' GM Ken Holland investigating different trade deadline scenarios, and also negotiating a contract extension for Dan Cleary, this "baseball" character would prefer it if Holland...blew the whole team up?

To Ken Holland: Dont sign McCarty and Federov, the Wings are not having an old timers game at JLA just before the playoffs......release Maltby and Draper today.....they are doing absolutely nothing to help the Wings and havent been for some time......tell Hasek to hang onto this stick, tape or wire it to his stick hand......find out why Chris Osgood cannot stop a beach ball on some nights and find out why Huder, Fillipula, Datsuk and Zeetterburg cant take the very rough play. Chris Pronger will bullwhack those guys all series long if they play the Ducks......Go out and sign some beef or find out why Dallas Drake has regressed to nothing.....Big Mike

Dude. Get a grip. Look at what you're saying.

You want to cut 2/3 of your checking line, let alone very valuable penalty killers, and dump both your goalies? Um, yeah. That's realistic.

Then you complain that small skill forwards (like "Zeetterburg") have trouble with bruisers. Well, duh.

McCarty is just minor league depth at this point, as Aaron Downey is handling Mac's old role just fine. If he does make it back to the NHL, it'll be due to his being able to contribute to neutralizing the rough play you complain about, dumb ass. As for the Fedorov trade, it's nothing more than a rumor at this point, not worth getting your panties in a bunch over.

As for Dallas Drake? Well, I'll give you that one.

Still, this is a damn hilarious comment. If Holland takes this doof's advice, he'll have to trade for 2 goalies, an entire checking line, a couple of penalty killers, and a replacement for Drake. OK then. Anything else you think the Wings need? Oh yeah, you forgot the obvious, being a secondary scorer, and a top 4 defenseman.

Let's get real, "Big Mike" or "baseball" or whatever the Hell you call yourself. Holland will be lucky if he can even find a trading partner, let alone pull the trigger on any sort of trade, God forbid a blockbuster. (For what it's worth, I don't see anything close to a blockbuster deal happening, no matter the situation) No one in the NHL wants to help the Wings, and if a team actually does talk trade, they are going to want a king's ransom in return.

As nice as it would be for the Wings to obtain a scorer, or a big time d-man, via trade, the cost is going to be prohibitive. Keeping that in mind, for better or worse, the Red Wings we see now (at least when fully healthy) will be the Red Wings we see in the playoffs.

To be honest, that's OK by me.

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