Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Above the fold - The knee injury heard 'round Detroit

It took Nick Lidstrom staggering off the ice, but the Red Wings finally woke from their 6 game long stupor, beating Colorado about the head and shoulders 4-0. Aaron Downey gained major points in every Wings fan's book with his pummeling of the man who took out the Wings captain, Ian Laperriere, who channeled his inner Claude Lemiux, and turtled.

Despite the Wings playing physical, and getting a must needed win, that wasn't the big story. The story is the knee of a certain irreplaceable defenseman...

When Lidstrom went down, you could hear the terrified screams from Wings fans all across SE MI.

Behind the Jersey

If Nicklas Lidstrom is seriously hurt, I may actually cry because he is the lifeblood of this team and we cannot afford injuries to our top three freaking defenseman.


Hold on to those sighs of relief though and answer this question: Is anyone going to tell the truth about the extent of an injury to Nick Lidstrom when Ken Holland’s trying to work a deal right now in Naples?

Yzerman is God

We're fucked. Someone hold me.

The news about Lidstrom's knee is encouraging, but according to Ansar Kahn at Mlive, Mike Babcolck says he's out for at least a week, maybe longer.

It doesn't sound like it's anything major,'' Babcock said. "He's going to be fine. I don't know if he's going to be out a week or 10 days or whatever, but he's got something mild inside of his knee. I don't know the technical terms. We needed to freshen him up anyways.''

They are calling it a sprained knee. Suuuure...And I have shares in the Ambassador Bridge I'd like to sell to you.

Does anyone truly believe Babcock? We all know whenever a NHL coach is moving his lips in regard to any injury, he's lying. I'm not saying Lidstrom is seriously injured, but it's much too early to be unfurrowing our brows, and breathing those sighs of relief, either.

If it wasn't for all the talk of knee injuries, the bitch slapping of Colorado was one of the more entertaining regular season games we've seen all season. Between Downey's fists of righteous fury, Chris Osgood playing his best game (by far) since singing his new contract, and the young defensemen (Meech and Lebda) stepping up big time in Lidstrom's absence, it looked as if the Red Wings were finally back from their 2 week long downward spiral.

You're fucking DEAD, Granato! Ya hear me, punk? D-E-D! DEAD!

Then there was the HUGELY entertaining sight of Babcock going off half cocked on Nordalanche coach Tony Granato. Did anyone else think Babcock was thisclose from going over the glass after Granato, and popping him right in the kisser? Now that's old time, Ted Lindsay approved HOCKEY folks! I'm sure it made Gary Bettman cringe, but that's the NHL I love!

But it's all overshadowed by that God damn Swedish knee. With Lidstrom joining the ranks of the walking wounded, it means the Red Wings are down 3 of their top 4 defensemen, and their number 1 goalie. They are extremely thin from the blue line on back.

The losing streak is over, but one game is not a trend. You can still color me concerned...

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