Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

Mlive's Michigan mouthpiece, Jim Carty,pisses off the Wolverine faithful in a column that calls for Rich Rodriguez to apologize. Thing is, should he apologize to Michigan for dragging them into a $4 million dollar mudslinging fight, or to WVU for his extremely messy resignation, and trying to weasel out of his large contract buyout?

Along with an apology, Carty is calling for Rodriguez to pay the $4 million buyout, so this can all go away. That stance set off a flamewar in the comment thread.

I picked a comment by Liondownnow because it stood out from the rest. It was actually a measured response, admitting that the RichRod situation is overblown, yet it's true he hasn't exactly made smart decisions in the days after accepting the Wolverines gig.

20% of UM fans are saying the right thing on here which is let's wait and see on RR. We need to let the situation run its course. If you support RR without knowing the facts you are as bad as Carty and the negative WVU posters who are stating several unvalidated comments. I miss Carr, this RR era is off to a rumbling, bumbling, and stumbling start.

Considering the comment thread had dissolved into opposing factions insulting each other, with Michigan fans calling for Carty's head, and WVU fans screaming for Rodriguez's head, to see a level-headed post in the middle of the pissing match caused it to stand out.

Is the shredding incident overblown? Probably. Is Rodriguez off to a bad start at Michigan? Most definitely. He could have made better decisions as to how he's handled leaving his alma matter, keeping Michigan out of the fray. By fighting the buyout, Rodriguez has guaranteed this will drag out for who knows how long.

My only questions in regard to fighting the buyout is this...Is a little more than a year enough time for WVU to take care of the changes/guarantees that were in Rodriguez's new deal, or was their lack of action slow enough to consider his contract had been breached? I'm sure it'll get settled in front of a judge...

But it all comes down to winning. Will Michigan fans care about the off season mudslinging if RichRod wins a ton of games? Not one bit.

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  1. Jeez, those people are all insane. They aren't the least bit willing to admit that the whole show might, just might, be tarnishing the whole UM mystique. And perfectly willing to decide that if the mystique is tarnished it is a) the media's fault (what are they Dick Nixon clones?) or b) the toothless hillbillies of West Virginia are out to do them in. I actually have a degree from UM--as well as a couple of other places--and this stuff is flat out embarrassing. But, at least I learned a new term of derision..."Wal-Mart Wolverine."