Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

Always in search of entertainment, I wandered into the Mlive's Pistons section in hopes of a COTD. Not much there in quantity. But in COTD quality? I got lucky...

In the recap for last night's Dallas loss, Mliver MontagueBase thinks the Pistons are...on a downhill spiral?

I feel wierd about the Detroit Pistons this year. I feel like they are losing talent every year, and that its going to go down and down each year, until they have to rebuild an entire new team.

Has MontagueBase even seen the 07-08 Pistons? Dude, they actually have a bench this season! A bench with impressive looking young players! Shocking, I know. But it's true! Last night's Dallas blowout being an aberration, Detroit has gotten a very nice (and long overdue) boost this season from the bench, especially from Rodney Stuckey, Arron Afflalo, Jason Maxiell and Jarvis Hayes.

On draft night, I ripped Joe Dumars for drafting Stuckey and Affalo. Which goes to show why I'm a lowly blogger, and not running a NBA team... I think my blowing off the potential of of Stuckey and Afflalo was more of a personal backlash towards Dumars' disappointing drafts, thus my not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Dumars is a GM I should know better than to doubt...

Most impressively, Dumars flipped the overrated Darko to Orlando for a draft pick which resulted in the drafting of the very promising Stuckey. Stuckey has shown more potential in only a few weeks, than Darko showed in his 3 seasons. Hell, Stuckey has produced more in a short time than Darko ever did. Another slick bailout move by one of the best GM's in the game.

Will the Pistons win the NBA title this season? To be honest, I still think they'll come up short. Even if they don't win the title, I do like the makeup of this group of Pistons. Compared to how I was feeling about them last season, believing they were in need of, if not blowing up, a trade of one of the big 4, I'm much more enthused about the Pistons future.

MontagueBase should be as well...


  1. Amen Big Al...

    Hell, I have done more for the Pistons than Darko ever did.

  2. That's definitely a guy who doesn't get what's going on this season.

    Flip finally gets what Joe Dumars has been trying to get him to do: Develop the bench and give the starters more rest, so that by the playoffs, the Pistons will have a full, healthy squad of players. (In fairness, this is the first year Joe D has really given Flip reserves worth playing.)

    The fact that the Pistons have been playing so well while trying to develop their younger players - which would presumably cost them some wins during the regular season - should scare the hell out of the rest of the Eastern Conference.