Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

At Mlive today, the Killer wrote column criticizing Rod Marinelli's handling of the Mike Martz "situation" that was pure flamebait. This line from Killer says it all...

Quit being the quasi-defensive line coach and start being the head coach.

It was a column that was designed to provoke a reaction, and he sure as Hell got one from his acolytes. They Mlive loons came out in spades...

Thus, we have the first Mliver to make a return appearance in the Mlive COTD. CHIEFGER139!

actually this is a ford/millen genius move-think about it, you get rid of martz and his high salary and immediately replace him with inside guys already on the payroll you save ford millions
martz was a threat to marenalli about takin his job from day one and now hes gone, theese 2 bafoons are no threat at all to anyone. so what if it doesnnt make the team better-they sell out every game anyhow, another ford/millen genius plan cut down the seats available that the silver dome had and raise the prices. they know most seats are bought by corporations that entertain there customers or rich guys who brag about owning season tickets. we keep calling these 2 idiots cause they are football wise but business wise ther geniuses. no wonder ford loves millen.

Uh...Umm...Yeah...What? Obviously, CHIEFGER139 has never read "The Elements of Style." Or passed 7th grade English.... But the passion is there, to say the very least.

His Millen/Ford conspiracy theory is pure genius! Martz was shitcanned to save Ford money! He then goes of on a tangent regarding the fact there are less seats at Ford Field than at the "silver dome." It was all a scheme to raise ticket prices!

Well, to be honest, there is a grain of truth there. The Lions changed the market for tickets by slashing 15K or so of seating capacity in the move downtown. The demand for tickets are now greater than the supply. I don't think that's going to be the case next season, but it did get the Fords several seasons of sellout crowds.

See, there is the genius of CHIEFGER139's post. It got me off on a tangent...

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