Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 is the "Year of the rat." I had no idea the Chinese knew of Matt Millen!

If you go by the Chinese zodiac*, 2008 is the "Year of the Rat." Quite fitting in the context of sports, especially the Detroit Lions.

Notice the rat-like features? The beady eyes?
The whisker-like 'stache? That all screams "RAT!"

When Matt Millen was hired many painful years ago, he was adamant that "Every team needs a rat." Turns out he wasn't talking about adding talented head cases to the roster, much like the championship Oakland Raiders he played for. Millen was talking about himself.

Let's look at the many definitions for "rat."

"A person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible."

That fits the incompetent buffoon running the Lions to a T.

"A person who abandons or betrays his or her party or associates, especially in a time of trouble."

Considering the coaching changes, that speaks for itself...

"A scoundrel"

Sounds like the clueless boob to me!

"To turn informer; squeal"

You got to believe he says whatever Ford wants to hear. Millen will undercut his coaches to keep his job. Just ask Steve Mariucci.

How about some rat slang?

"Rats!" An exclamation of disappointment, disgust, or disbelief.

Said on every Sunday by Lions fans.

"Rathole" A rathole is a nasty, messy place...

Definitely describes the Lions front office.

"Rats leaving a sinking ship!"

Describes your typical Lions player, and his desperation to leave.

"I smell a rat."

Said about Millen when he's skulking around Allen Park HQ..

After doing the research, I hate to say it...But 2008 is definitely the "Year of the rat Millen." We Lions fans are in BIG trouble...

*If you look up Chinese astrology, being born in 03/12/58, Millen's sign is actually a dog. But I like the rat analogy so much better...

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