Friday, January 04, 2008

Mlive comment of the day - Osgood is the man?

Even though I'm drawn to the unintentional comedy of the Mlive Lions commenters like a moth to a flame, the constant infighting and trolling gets tiresome. There's a breaking point when it comes to "Lions suck!" and "You aren't a true fan!" I think I've reached it.

So I checked out the non-football sections, where the commenting isn't as frequent or loopy, but a tad more lucid. Not that being a tad more lucid than Killer's acolytes is saying all that much...

In the Red Wings section of Mlive, Kahn grades out the team. As you might guess, the Wings grade out damn well. But one poster takes issue with the goaltending, as we've come to call it, as there always seems to be one, "situation."

dennisdw is an unabashed Ozzie fan, and wants Hasek to hit the bricks...

When it comes to the goaltender situation they need to put Hasek out to pasture. The guy has always been a liability with his early flopping and tendency to wander out of the net. Osgood needs to be Detroit's number 1 guy like he used to be!

If it wasn't for the male handle, I'd have thought this was written by a big haired, Osgood sweater wearing, Downriver living, puck bunny. We all know how the puck bunnies feel about their "Ozzie!"

First off, no one is getting dumped. Second, Hasek has been brilliant once he played his way out of his early season slump. Third, Osgood has been never better, but do you actually want to put all your goaltending eggs in the Ozzie basket?

There's no reason for Mike Babcock to change how he's handling his goalies. He's getting the absolute max out of both, and his using them as (More or less) co-number 1's will keep them fresh going into the playoffs.

Hasek will be the man come playoff time. Osgood knows, and accepts, that's the way it is. He's insurance. Damn good insurance. But don't you feel that much better about the Red Wings chances that they have Osgood on the bench in case of an injury/ineffectiveness/act of God happens to Hasek? I know I do...

A team that has two Stanley Cup winning goalies is in fine shape. The fact that both are now playing at an All-Star level? Jesus, just enjoy the ride!

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