Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun with referrals: You guys are just killing me!

I've had a few referrals to TWFE today that made me smile.

Someone found TWFE using the search term "Rob Parker Detroit retarded." Turns out I'm the first 2 hits under that search, and the 3rd is a Parker interview that refers to my insults, but pulled a Jerry Green, and didn't mention the blog.

I'm guessing the functionally retarded one is appearing this week on the 4 letter's morning shitfest First Pizza, or Cold Take, whatever in the Hell they are calling the show that no one watches now. I always get a spike in Parker haters (Such as searching "Rob Parker ESPN" or "Parker 1st and Ten") whenever he turns up on ESPN matching a lack of wits with Skip Bayless. I'm just glad to know that I'm not alone...

Someone from West Virgina found their way to TWFE with the following search... "federal agents investigating Rodriguez betting on pitt game" HA! That's absolutely hysterical! Turns out I'm 2nd on Google for those looking for info on RichRod's nefarious dealings with bookies.

In fact, TWFE is currently numero uno on Google for "rodriguez wvu," which seems odd. I hadn't been writing about the Michigan/WVU/RichRod soap opera that much, have I? All I can say is, beware! The WVU mafia is everywhere on the web, looking for everything regarding Rich Rodriguez. If it's negative, the West Virginians agree wholeheartedly. If positive, they channel Marsellus Wallace, and go medieval on your ass!

This just in... Someone just found TWFE by searching "Rich Rodriguez telephone records." Good Lord, those WVU fans just won't give up! In case he's still here...Dude, the 112 calls were to RichRod's voice mail box!

Hey, no harm, no foul. Search all you want! Just keep coming back, OK?


  1. Hey--
    Dan from New Orleans here. I regularly lurk on your blog. I found you after typing in "I hate Todd Jones" after a blown save. Been reading ever since.

  2. I'm guessing you fond TWFE thru one of my mid 2006 season meltdown posts after a Todd Jones 9th inning collapse. Glad you found the site, and continued to come back! Thanks for reading, Dan!