Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day

With Mlive perking back up today, I was able to avoid that frightful place called the Free Press forums. Thank goodness for small favors. I needed to take a scalding hot shower in order to scrub off the slimy nastiness I picked up in yesterday's short trek through Freep Hell.

The Killer was rightfully called out by his acolytes for an odd article titled, "Kowalski: Giants can thank Lions." My first thought was, "Huh? What the?" Actually, that was the general consensus of the loopy Mlive crew as well, whom let out a collective, "What?"

A comment by Mliver measly actually had me laughing out loud.

The Giants can thank the Lions? For what, sucking?

I would like to thank Craig Nall (packer's 3rd string QB). In the last game of the season, he reminded me just how bad our Lions really are.

Measly says what all Lions fans are thinking. Despite what the Lions, and apparently the Killer, would lead you to believe, the Lions aren't close to being at the same level of the Giants.

For someone who's covered the Lions for so many years, the Killer really should know better than to buy into the following Lions logic...

On the other hand, if the Lions had beaten the Giants and Cowboys -- two games that were well within their grasp and the Lions probably should've won -- not only would the Lions have made the playoffs, but they would've eliminated the Giants.

That's EVERY season in a nutshell. "If" this, "but" that...

Sure, the Lions could have beat the Giants and the Cowboys, but the Killer ignores the Vikings game. If a last second Minnesota field goal attempt doesn't hit the upright, the Lions don't get the opportunity to win in overtime. Here's another example. What if Brian Griese throws 1 less red zone pick? The Bears win! It goes both ways, Killer.

That's the thing about the NFL, for every game you point out that a team should have won, there's another where the team should have lost. The Lions could just as easily finished 5-11 as 9-7.

I normally like what the Killer has to say, but in this case, he's out of his Lions addled mind.

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  1. You know, if the Lions hadn't hired Millen we'd be rooting for a good team right now.

    Actually, we wouldn't. We'd still suck.