Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Capital One Citrus Bowl musings: 4th quarter Wolverines-Gators

We start the 4th quarter with Mike Hart carrying Gators for 6 yards. You can see that he wants to make up for those 2 fumbles.

It's Hart again! He dances his way to the Florida 15! 1st down in the red zone. Need a SCORE!

It's another handoff to Manningham going right...Nothing there, he reverses field AGAIN...Big block by Henne! But it doesn't work this time, as he's run out of bounds at the 20. And there's a flag. FUCK! Clipping on the Wolverines! Shit.

2nd and 25 from the 30. Henne gets 10 back on a pass to Matthews. 3rd and 15. Big play coming up! Time out Wolverines. The way this game is going, Lloyd's going to draw up a play in the dirt...

Crowd's going ape shit! Henne drops back, but no one is open. He throws it out of the end zone.

The money KC Lopata is on for the 37 yard FG attempt. He drills it dead nuts!

31-28, Michigan is back in the lead! But for how long?

This is one Hell of a ballgame. The BCS matchups would only hope to be this entertaining!

Michigan kicks this ball deep, Florida will start at the 32.

YES! Crable blows up a Harvin run! Loses 7 yards.

Tebow on the option, pitch to Harvin...He gets the 7 yards back, and then some. 3rd and 5. Go defense!

Tebow's back to pass...Michigan with HUGE pressure, Tebow has to throw it away! Big time 3 and out!

Florida actually punts this time, Michigan will start at their 26.

Hart gets zip on a 1st down run. 10:26 left in the game. FLAG! 5 yard face mask on Florida! That'll work...

1st and 5. Run some clock! Instead, Henne drops back, pumps, is flushed, throws it away. 2nd and 5.

Inside handoff to Hart almost works, leaves a 3rd and 1. Big play...

It's Hart running behind Long...The pile moves a couple of yards! 1st down! 9:10 left, clock running.

Henne drops again, finds Mathews for 9. Hart up the gut gets 1, and the 1st down.

Long is going at it with a linebacker. The Gator didn't have a chance, and was pancaked!

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Henne with the screen, it's tipped! PICK! SHITSHITSHIT! Picked by a D-lineman, Florida takes over at the Woverines 34. God damn it.

That's the 4th HUGE turnover for the Wolverines.

It's short pass to Harvin on a broken play, Florida gets a 1st down!. Florida 1st and 10 at the Michigan 22.

Tebow connects on a 1st down pass right at the 10. 1st and goal. Need a stop!

It's Harvin on the reverse! He dives into the end zone, TD Florida! Fuck! Me!

35-31, Florida has come back to take the lead. 5:49 left in the game, and in Michigan football as we know it.

ABC puts up an amazing stat: Harvin and Tebow have accounted for 387 of the Gators 395 total yards. Ouch.

Michigan will start on their own 33, 5:45 left. A FG does nothing, it's TD or bust.

A pass to Matthews gets 5.. 2nd down.


Henne drops back again, looks in the end zone...IT'S MANNINGHAM! TD! That was one Hell of a drive!

38-35, Michigan is back in the lead! But there is still 4:12 left on the clock. Did the Wolverines score too quickly?

Huge kickoff, it's out of the end zone. Florida will start at the 20.

OK, the Wolverines just need to stop Tebow and Harvin. Yeah, right...

A screen to Harvion gets 3. 3:35 left. A dump off to Harvin gets only 1. 3rd and 6. HUGE HUGE DOWN!

Tebow drops back...Monster pass rush from Michigan! Tebow throws it away.

4th and 6. Gators going for it? They are!

Tebow to pass...Michigan with the BLITZ! INCOMPLETE! FUCK YES! Michigan ball at the Florida 24! There's 2:42 left...

Gators have all of their TO's. They use their 1st after Hart runs wide, but stays in bounds, for no gain. 2:36 left.

Hart runs right, gets 2, Florida time out. 2:31 left.

A Brandon Minor draw loses 2 yards. 2:26 left, Florida is now out of time outs.

OK, good time to catch out breath...

Lopata is on for a 41 yard attempt. He drills it through!

41-35 Michigan, 2:21 left. My hands hurt from clapping so damn much. It's been that kind of game...

Florida will start at the 23. 2:14 left.

Tebow in the gun, incomplete pass.

2nd and 10. Tebow again...He's hit as he throws, incomplete. 3rd and 10, 2:04 left.

Tebow will pass again...Big time pressure again...He throws it up for grabs...ARRRGH! Near pick, the DB lands out of bounds! 4th and 10!

Tebow is back to pass...There's big time pressure from the Michigan rush, Tebow wants to run...Nothing there...Tries a desperation pass...INCOMPLETE! Michigan will take over on downs with 1:48 left!

That's going to be the ballgame, as Florida is out of time outs. Michigan will just need to take a knee. Lloyd gets the Gatorade bath! YES!

And that's going to be your final, 41-35! Michigan upsets Florida in one HELL of a ballgame, the best of the bowl season. Lloyd is carried off the sidelines on the shoulders of the Michigan players. Exactly what I wanted to see for Lloyd.

We've just witnessed the end of Lloyd Carr's career, and Michigan Wolverines football as most of us have EVER known it.

The future is now.

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