Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Capital One Citrus Bowl musings: 3rd quarter Wolverines-Gators

Some timing, the NHL Winter Classic is in intermission, between the 2nd and 3rd periods. All I've seen so far is Bob Costas pontificating about hockey. Is there a more pompous fuck on earth than the Napoleonic Costas?

I flip back to ABC, and I get to see that Zippy of Akron is named the Capital One mascot of the year. Zippy is a kangaroo. What in the fuck does Akron and kangaroos have to do with each other? Shouldn't Akron's mascot be a whitewall tire? Maybe a white letter tire? It is sportier, after all....

We see the 1st half stats, and the Wolverines have 100 yards more passing than the Gators, and 62 yards more of total offense! I'm absolutely flabbergasted that the Wolverines are playing so well.

2 more quarters in the Bo era. I'm not sure if I should be happy, or sad...

Michigan will be kicking off...POOCH KICK! WOLVERINES RECOVER! Michigan ball in Gator territory! Florida was caught totally off guard, they were running backwards to set up blocking.

Holy shit, Lloyd has turned into Les Miles! Balls out playcalling! I wholly expect Michigan to go for it on 4th down several times in the 2nd half...

It's 3rd and 10 from the Gator 22. Henne drops back...Arrington is wide open in the middle of the field, he's down at the 2 yard line! This was the Henne I thought we'd see this season. Decisive, accurate, and damn good.

Hart takes a handoff left, and trash talking all the way, walks into the end zone behind Jake Long! TOUCHDOWN MICHIGAN!

28-14 Michigan, early in the 3rd.

Say what you will about Mike Hart's cocky attitude, it's not trash talking when you can back it up. Hart has done just that today.

It's another pooch kick, and Florida will start with excellent field position. Michigan is respecting the Gator return game a little too much...

The one Gator Michigan hasn't been able to stop is Percy Harvin. He carries the ball into Michigan territory inside the 40, and goes over 100 yards rushing in the process.

Tebow drops back on 3rd and 6, is pressured, and I hold my breath as he takes off...He's tripped up short of the 1st down!

Florida goes for it on 4th and 5...Michigan brings the everyone in the Big House on a blitz! Fuck, Tebow just gets the pass off to...It figures, Harvin. 1st down Florida.

3rd and 4, Tebow drops back again...He takes off...He gonna be stopped...NO! SHIT! A couple of nice jukes, and he's not brought down till he's at the Wolverines 1. Add on a face mask, and it's 1st and goal, literally on the goal line.

Tebow finishes off the drive, a keeper left for the TD. Fuck me. Come on...

28-21, Michigan still leads, but the Blue defense may be on their heels. Time for the Wolverines offense to counter.

Michigan with a nice drive so far, Harts with the 1st down run to the 44.

Henne drops back...It's Manningham at the Florida 30!

This is Michigan football! Solid running and timely passing. Well, I guess I should say this WAS Michigan football...

Henne is back to pass again...It's Matthews at the 20...He backtracks...Gets an opening, he's down at the at 5!

FUCK! Hart fumbles at the goal line AGAIN! So much for backing up that trash talk. The only hope is a review, but it sure looks like he wasn't down. SHIT! He doesn't drop the ball for years, now does so twice...AT THE GOAL LINE?

That's 3 Michigan turnovers in the red zone. That's going to bite them in the ass.

Michigan D needs to step up. Big...

3rd and 12 for Florida...Tebow takes off, and Jamar Adams buries him short of the 1st down! Florida will punt...

SHITSHITSHIT! It's a fake, the punter converts on a short pass....1st down at the 38! GOD DAMN IT! There was no one wide for Michigan, that was the last thing they expected.

Christ almighty, Harvin breaks another long run, as he gets into the Michigan secondary...He down at the Michigan 13! At this point it's all Harvin and Tebow for the Gators.

Tebow fades back, and hits Caldwell...Guess where? Wide open in the middle of the end zone. TD Gators. Where is the defense in the middle of the field!?

We have a real ballgame now, 28 all with 1:26 left in the 3rd quarter.

It's a screen to Manningham...There's nothing to the left, he reverses field...There's a WALL of Wolverines! He gets a couple of blocks, and goes for 23 yards on what should have been a short loss! Wolverines are in Gator territory!

It's 3rd and 6 from the Florida 43...Henne finds Matthews right at the sticks! That should be a 1st down! The chain gang agrees, 1st and 10 Michigan!

And that's where the 3rd quarter will end. 28-28, with 15 minutes left in Lloyd Carr's career. I hope to God he can go out a winner...


  1. Apparently Mike Hart wants to get drafted in the 5th round.. what a disastrous performance..

  2. Did I just see Pete Carroll walk out of the USC bus rocking back and forth?

    What is going on there?

    1st down MICHIGAN! awesome.