Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Knee-jerk TWFE thoughts about Cabrera and Willis for the Tigers' entire minor league system

In tracking the reaction to the Cabrera - Willis deal, I haven't really said how I feel about this trade. Well...I LOVE IT!

When you have the opportunity to trade for a 24 year old superstar, who can put up .320-30-125 in his sleep, and will only get better, along with a legit #2 or 3 starting pitcher, only 2 years removed from a 22 win season, and is only 25, in return for prospects? Blue chip prospects, but prospects all the same?

You just got to make that deal. You just have to. Dave Dombrowski would have been negligent otherwise.

I don't know how you can not like this trade. The Tigers had already totally committed to a "Win now" philosophy with the Renteria trade. They may have a 2 year window to make a serious run at winning the World Series. There is no "Tomorrow." With the Tigers, there is only today. And today, they elevated themselves to the level of New York and Boston, if not higher.

Over the past 3 seasons, it's as if the tigers had awoke from a long slumber, realized that they are a big market team, and decided to finally act like one. This is a textbook big market move.

Will we curse this trade in 5 years? It's possible, but I doubt it. Miguel Cabrera is THAT GOOD. I seriously doubt we'll be crying "Why did they trade Maybin and Miller?" for the next 20 years, as many Tigers fans did (Wrongly) with the John Smoltz trade. The Tigers have made out like bandits...

I'll have more on the trade later tonight, or tomorrow, but the longer I let this trade soak in, the more I like it. Baseball season can't start soon enough. Tigers fans are going to have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. I am loving this trade. Can't Dombrowski GM the Lions on the side? Freelance? Suddenly April can't get here soon enough! FIRE MILLEN MANG!

  2. The sports Gods feel that we must have a yin to the yang, a plus to the minus, thus Dave Dombrowski on one side, and Matt Millen on the other. One team has the best GM in baseball, and the other has a incompetent moron running their football team. It keeps nature in balance.

    I guess thatt's just how it's supposed to be...

  3. Jeebus! What a day!!

    Being in Albuquerque, I want to reiterate what i think I've said before: Thanks, Big Al. You are one of the best sources for my hometown news.

    Now I think I'll go away, lest my head explode.