Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

After playing all of 2 games at offensive tackle, the speculation over what's next for Damion Woody has already begun. The Killer speculates that the Lions may be changing their tune as to Woody's future with the team. Once thought to be a sure bet to be moving on, he may be back in the Lions' plans.

One comment to Killer's article stood out as wise, a refreshing breath of fresh air from the normally loopy, Lions loving, Mlive posters. leyland4ever is too on the ball to be hanging out at Mlive...

Every year, players leave and we say good riddance. Every year, we get new players through the draft and free agency and think they're going to be great, until we actually see them play. Notice a pattern here?

If Woody stays, he likely won't live up to his new contract. If he's replaced, we'll declare the new guy a bum and wish we'd kept Woody. It's the Lions way.

leyland4ever, you are a true and knowledgeable Lions fan!

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