Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

The Killer takes Shaun Rogers to task today, in an article titled "Rogers testing Marinelli's credibility." Amazingly, some delusional Lions fans defend the always out of breath defensive tackle.

One of those fans is CHIEFGER139, who takes issue with the Killer, insinuating that he's picking on a different Lion every week.

2 weeks ago it was williams, last week kitna, earlier in the season woody. while kowalski the defense was much better this year than what you said it would be, and thats because rogers is in there most of the time-dump him and you will see just how weak our defense truely is. i cant believe a big man like him that ran that interception all those yards is that out of shape and if he is im sure thats somethin marrenali and company can fix. if its his age ok i can see it but otherwise gettin rid of him would be assimine.

"See how weak our defense truely is." CHIEFGER, with that big sweaty ball o' fat, the Lions defense ranks 29th overall in yards per game, and 30th in points per game. They really can't do much worse without Tubbo, ya think? It's assimime to think otherwise...

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  1. Seems perfectly cromulent to me.