Monday, December 03, 2007

Is Lloyd Carr the puppetmaster?

After the weekend long fiasco with Les Miles, those involved with the Michigan coaching search are taking a beating on all sides. Deservedly so, as Michigan was played by LSU like a drum. But was it all on Miles? Who leaked the story to Kirk Herbstreit? Did the leak come from Michigan? Someone close to miles? WHO?

Let me put my tin foil conspiracy theorist hat on.

I have to ask, with Miles out of the running (And soon to be a very rich man), is Lloyd Carr now heavily influencing the coaching search? Could he be pulling strings behind the scenes, using his power to direct the coaching search toward coaches he approves?

Conspiracy theorists say all signs point to Lloyd Carr being "The Puppetmaster."

Why do I ask? Because the only 2 official interviews to this point have been with Carr's coordinators, Mike "Off-tackle left" Debord, and Ron "Mobile QB's confuse me" English. Neither one of these guys should be seriously considered to replace Carr. English isn't ready to take over at a football factory like Michigan, and to be blunt, much of his candidacy is because he's a minority.

As for Debord? He's a less skilled version of Carr, with all of the worst Carr traits exacerbated, the uber-Carr, Carr squared. There's also his running the CMU program into the ground as head coach being HUGE black mark on his resume. If Debord is considered a serious candidate, even at Carr's urging, heads need to roll in the Michigan administration.

Why do I ask? Because word came today that Michigan had preliminary discussions with Ball State's Brady Hoke about interviewing for the Michigan job. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Hoke was a long time assistant under Carr.

The fact that Hoke is also under consideration to interview for the Washington State opening is disconcerting to me, as Michigan shouldn't be competing with the Wazzou's of the world for a head coach. Jesus Christ, Wazzou is talking to John L. "Is for Lansing" Smith! Talk about shooting low with your hire...

Why do I ask? Because the rumors that Carr didn't like Miles, and the faction behind Carr was fighting tooth and nail against a Miles hiring, never went away. I'm not saying Carr undermined the courting of Les Miles, but he sure didn't help matters with his silence.

Why do I ask? Because the timing of Carr's retirement put the athletic department in a major bind, tying their hands as to when they could contact coaches high on Bill Martin's list. The Miles situation was a powder keg waiting to blow, because of the long time frame involved, and the fact that he had LSU playing for a conference championship, and a possible national title shot.

If the negotiations weren't handled discretely and quietly with Miles, who was obviously the front runner, it was going to turn into a clusterfuck. Which, as we saw, it did. Carr did him, and Martin, no favors.

Why do I ask? Because the majority of coaches now mentioned as candidates for the Michigan job are considered Carr clones. Save for Greg Schiano and Jeff Tedford (Both very long shots) the names most often brought up are uninspiring candidates like Kirk Ferentz, Jim Grobe, Tom O'Brien, and Gary Pinkel. Good coaches, but not exactly the sort that would make a fan and alumni base screaming for change very happy. Each of those coaches come with just as many cons as pros. Kind of like Lloyd...

With the names of the usual suspects being thrown about as possible Carr replacements, and Michigan being one of the most staid and conservative institutions in the NCAA, I'm getting the vibe that the next Michigan Wolverines coach will be from a lower level power conference school. A coach that has been considered successful at raising the profile of a lower tier BCS conference school, with never a sniff of trouble or controversy.

If I was laying money, I'd bet the Carr clone that will get the Michigan job is Wake Forest's Jim Grobe. Pardon me if that doesn't have me jumping up and down in celebration.

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  1. Rumor floating around the coffee table at work is that Mr LSU has recently - VERY recently -- purchased a home in A2....Channel 4was rumored to be calling AAPD asking if a certain neighborhood was of "head football coach for a major university" calibre....

    Trust it if you like...